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  1. My main point why I wrote this here was to suggest a change to the system that checks players connectivity. My suggestion would be to rebuild it so it wouldn't look into network at first minutes of game entry or at the first minutes after you teleport.
  2. Everything is ok in a less busy area, but it's pain in the a when you spawn in busy area and you have to restart whole game to reenter...
  3. No no no, help isn't needed. I am network programmer myself, I did checks before, the problem is with the game, the game thinks that I have bad connection, but in reality the game is in loading menu.
  4. Hello, game has a feature that kicks people out if the game sees that someone has a bad network connection, but it's pain in the a because that is happening to me, I have the best internet connection but it takes 20 seconds for me to load up all trucks that we have in 1 area, I am talking about big number of trucks, so I get kicked out while I am loading at the startup and the same happens after I teleport to a garage!
  5. VincentasG


    How can I join police? P.S. I hate kids driving fast and then crashing in front of you!
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