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  1. Never clicked on Heavy Cargo DLC
  2. Hey, I can join Simulation 1 perfectly fine, only the Promods server doesn't work. Im sure all the files are right bcus it worked fine and out of nowhere it doesn't work anymore. Clicking on F1 before launching and doing the updates does not fix the issue.
  3. Each time I reopen Truckersmp and play on a Promod server it says "Connetion refused. You are using an invalid client. You should redownload the mod through the launcher" which I did yesterday after that it worked fine, I close the game, open the game again and I get the same error. Don't really wanna redownload it 200 times ^^
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    2. Mirko9


      Admins cant ban all bad drivers.Wanna help them?Check this post and you are WHOAAA


    3. [GER]Loading...


      Lady's and gentlemen, I want like invite you welcome to Duisburg street.

      Please buckle up and enjoy the show.


      Thank you for the attention :) 

    4. Forraz


      How to properly report users




      Don't expect admins to be on Calais - Duisburg road everyday, all the time.

  4. My game doesnt work anymore O,o Cant connect to any server
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