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  1. So now that I try it, I actually can't pull up SCS Software's Blog, their website or anything for SCS on my computer. That's really weird.
  2. Anyone else having issues connecting to WoT? I downloaded the new update on TMP and now, for whatever reason, no matter what I try for ATS says it can't connect to the internet and thus, WoT is not accessible. I can log in in offline mode. Internet connection is fine. Even logged into WoT from the same computer, no issue. I know this isn't a TMP issue, just looking for help.
  3. Six threads about the ATS update, if not more that I missed.  Why are people on the message boards of a free mod so entitled?

  4. I'm confused. What's your definition of a unit?
  5. Este es el foro ATS, lol. 1.30 es beta, MP opera en el lanzamiento completo y no en el beta. Tendrás que volver tu juego a 1.28 para jugar ETS2MP. https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/24972-supported-version-for-ats-and-ets2/
  6. No. Seriously. Learn what a protected turn means.
  7. I had a long explanation typed out, but if can't comprehend what a green arrow means, I assume you don't even actually have a license. Green arrow means a protected turn.
  8. No. No where in the entire US will you get a GREEN left turn light at the same time that oncoming traffic also has a green. A flashing yellow left arrow, yes. Never a green.
  9. I think what he is referring to is that the lights in for all turn green, even when you have the green arrow. Oncoming traffic, same way traffic and left turn light all are turning green at the same time. I think I've seen this happen a few times as well.
  10. I'm pretty interested because I think that Viva's realistic approach aligns well with my play style, but I am a pretty casual gamer and can sometimes not play for a few weeks at a time. Would that be huge issue? I have north of 500 hours on ATS and have only recently started playing ETS2 and have around 60 hours on there, but like I said, sometimes I can be a ghost. Let me know!
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