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  1. What is a simulator? You have conflicts in this statement. Since the simulator should be unlimited speed and collision, my friends and I don’t like speed limit (you will say to another server, we tried it very boring, you will say simulator 1 Many people play, we have no choice). The number of 5-20 people we will make a choice of speed to run 60-100 yards, not mandatory to launch restrictions and no collision - no speed limit does not collide, you also saw this update many players are not satisfied, they even close discuss. And I was hit by the player hundreds of times (not malicious). I didn't report it. I only reported it if I hit it a few times. The update accident is still much the same. The result of the report is changed from the previous three days. In 7-8 days, since it is a simulator, please restore the original server by simulator.
  2. No matter how you agree to this update, no one around me likes this update.
  3. I tried to play with the Arcade server with my friends, it was boring and there was no way to do it on the Server 1. Limit 110 is very slow because we are running 3,000 kilometers - 6000 kilometers, 20 friends around me no one likes this update, there is no way to choose to play in Server 1. And I bumped again. I haven't reported the results for 5 days. I really don't have a lot of players in the area we run.
  4. I hope that one of the Arcade has collisions and Arcade without collisions, so that players can make choices. I feel that there is no limit to speed and collision. It is very interesting to play with friends. Of course, I will not go to the malicious player. I just hope that the two players will make choices instead of forced execution. If the arcade is not limited to speed, there is a collision, I hope that the speed limit players come in, and say that this is not good, then they are oh, I am also an old player to see the community and server changes.
  5. I don't think some people support this rule. Some people think that there is not a server before the speed limit is slow. If you can choose why you want to go to the second service, you are completely going to a service. I think that the speed limit behavior is not a simulation. The speed is not a server problem, but a problem for the driver. Personally think that you can let the player choose a server, I request an arcade server unlimited speed, there is a collision, I don't hit other players, my good friend overturned the car, we can rescue. 110 speed is too slow, of course, my personal opinion will not be adopted, my friends around me have the same opinion on this update rule.
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