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  1. You forgot friends as well !! My brothers and friends are on my side !!
  2. Please read dm ASAP !! Not sure if this is you who replied to me on Twitter !! But please see my dm 

    1. Coolieboy


      Thanks for the follow! <3

  3. You guys are all jerks !! My friends and my brothers were the only ones who are on my side !! Screw you guys !!
  4. @[MCG] Corazon [VN] How so ? I did slam my brakes at the last second !! They clearly were blocking the road !!
  5. @Granite It was hard enough to see out of my truck anyways but the other player did have a yield sign !! I also did try to brake as fast I could at the last second !!
  6. @Maxi. I already have and yet both the game moderator and game moderator management team leader won’t approve my appeal !! They said it was my fault yet me, my brothers, and my friends all agree it was the other guys fault !!
  7. Moderator and the moderator management team leader agreed with the game moderator that banned me for wreckless driving are in the wrong !! I was wrongfully banned being accused of not paying attention until the last second !! The oposite driver who was blocking the road was pulling out of the fuel station when I pulled up I had the right away to keep driving but then I had to slam on my brakes and yet I am still banned for a week !! WTF !! Has anyone else been wrongfully banned at this section ? While having the right away
  8. yes thanks to the help of @LordBenji he was able to help me !! Thanks again to all that helped !!
  9. that's alright @Jamie R I understand !! I too am new at editing trailers which is why I'm trying to find a less complicated editor !! I already have that editor but it keeps giving me errors and I can't use it !! Thanks for your help !!
  10. Hi @Azusakawa* I have tried some of the "Forerunner Mods" on steam unfortunately it wouldn't allow me to edit of the trailers like in the picture above and I have looked at the trailer editor mod mentioned in that post that you posted but it won't work for me so which is why I'm looking to see if there is a simple version of the mod like the single trailer editor mod !! But thanks for posting the link to the other post i'll read it some more !!
  11. I was wondering if there is a simple trailer editor where I can edit trailers to be like this one ? I've looked for one on steam and so far no luck !! Because when I am not recording I would like to explore more of the baltic dlc expansion !!
  12. yes thanks !! it has !! Thanks for the link to the mod i will check it out !!
  13. Just curious, is there a simple triple trailer mod for mp ? Cause I've seen playes were they've added trailers that look like from australia would be like to haul for example like a regular reefer in front, then a lowbed as the second trailer, and then one carrying a bull dozer on the last trailer !!
  14. I know right, I’ve tried to be active on here by posting videos I’ve made but they would get deleted right away after I posted them !!
  15. but it shouldn't since an admin deleted it right ? Cause it says so ...
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