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  1. hello i dont if anyone else is having this problem but my friends have all the dlc but the good year event not showing uo for them but showing up for me
  2. MJS Weekly  convoy

    • Date & Time : 16.12.2017 at 19:30 GMT  
    • Location: Kristiansand,  Sea Port  
    • Server :  Eu1
    • Trailer required?  YES

  3. hey hey every body  


  4. forth road bridge (Scotland)


  5. we were planning to have a convoy this weekend, but a large rememberance sunday convoy was also happening at the same time has our convoy.

    Out of respect, we have removed our convoy. We will be back to normal after the TSR Children in Need convoy.

  6. cant wait for the upcoming DLC's its going to be brilliant , but i think  they should add more city's in United Kingdom  and more roads 

  7. Hello friend,, How are you :)

    1. Scottish_Sonic


      hello am good thanks yourself sorry not been on forms in a while  :(

  8. hello my fellow truckers i will shall return trucking soon i went on holiday for 2 weeks  to the big Apple  (New york )  was very exciting saw cool looking Amercian trucks while i was there 


    Keep on  trucking 


  9. hello my fellow truckers just to let you all know i am not in a vtc no more  am just going solo driving  or with friends if like to have drive with me add me up on steam :D 

    1. iHobbit


      Good luck. Just so you know it can be quite fun to not have the responsibilities of having to be in a vtc. SO make the most of it :)


      Keep on trucking

    2. Scottish_Sonic


      thanks mate i love trucking on  mp and enjoy it more on pro-mod's and listening to TFM :D 

  10. hello digital  can i ask you something  bud 


    1. SuliHD


      Hi @Scottish SONIC, you're better of getting an answer if you enter a feedback message throught truckersmp.com :)

    2. Scottish_Sonic


      thanks  @SpeedySuliHD

  11. Drive safe everyone who is on the road  , good night  :tmp:

  12. come check out a 24 hour charity convoy  click link below : 


    1. Rev.


      Goodluck with the convoy.

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