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  1. Thanks mate i missed that it has been a long time since i last played ets2 thank you very much Cheers
  2. Hey guys im trying to instal it too and i picked Steam\SteamApps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2 but when i click on next i get a message saying You must select a valid American Truck Simulator path
  3. Guys I noticed i made a new acc again in single player it gave me jobs went into mp started one of the jobs and i just accepted it and i see that im late with the delivery i wasnt paying much atention to that but this happend the last 2 times and after im done with the mission no jobs all over again so any solutions ??
  4. I did this. In My Documents > Euro Truck Simulator 2, change in config.cfg: uset g_console to 1 uset g_developer to 1 But when i get into the game and want to open the console nothing happens
  5. Yes i reinstaled the multiplayer 2-3 times already still nothing. And mothx5 when i get on profile and i click ' and nothing happens. I dont know why but the console doesnt open so i basicly cant do anything.
  6. I played sp i got it to work now i did one mission and now its the same
  7. No jobs again i dont know what to do anymore 2 times it fixed itself i dont know how or why i tried now to open the console but the button above tab does absolutly nothing so if u guys can help It worked when i bought a truck but my profile was deleted when my pc crashed so now i made a new profile and I cant do anything been meesing with it for 3 hours now. So as I said Im geting really sick of this I played this game for 3 days without problems and then this happend again
  8. And its working now i really dont know why this is happening to me u can close it again
  9. I cant go to sleep because i dont own a truck and i dont have the money and when i press the button above tab when im in ets2 nothing happens
  10. Today i wanted to play Ets2 i didnt play it in 2 days or so and it said i need a new launcher so i downloaded it and now i got the no jobs problem again No jobs on online or in single player I dont know what to do last time i didnt do anything and it basicly solved itself i dont know how so any suggestions would be welcomed
  11. Thanks both of you. Do you guys know when the 1.14 version will come out for mp ?
  12. As the title says, I am asking that because i have been passed a few times now while driving 90 on the highway and I dont know how. So if someone knows what to do please tell me. Thank you in advance
  13. It works i dont know why you can delete all of my posts
  14. Hey guys thanks for the tips i tried it all but its still the same
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