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Hi I'm Dj Jefferz. I'd like to firstly say thanks for checking out my profile. I'm currently 23 living near Sheffield and have a huge passion for PC gaming. I love watching films, going out on weekends My love of gaming started in November 2015 where I purchased a new laptop and copy of ETS2. After several weeks on single player I searched for multiplayer where I found TruckersMP and my passion grew from there. I enjoy what I do.I am the Owner of Atlas Logistics Join our Discord -  In September 2017 I joined the TMP team as support.png.7edd8aa863953f91de3dcef283d86f53.png and quickly was promoted to  1a2329baed130d2f7374ca61d3d8a768.png  And in early January joined as game_trial.png.5e98d860e2b6ea7365cdb55e05ea4416.png to then become a fully fledged game_mod.png.64d694cd199844e1bc2cf66bf7266552.png. In march 2018 I developed some health issues which lead me to step down and remain in the team as socialbadge.png.91d68cd89f0a6e526a9b0dbeffd415c0.png  and event.png.ba316d911c78bc84c6d3103ddd2c7039.png. I enjoy what I do and would love to invite you to seriously consider joining Atlas Gaming. The logo below will forward you to our amazing website where you can find out more information about me and Atlas.


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