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    Essex, UK
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    I'm a very typical guy, I like most normal things like films, food, going out. Abit of a secret intellectual as well I guess
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    Arizona: Tucson
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    The Netherlands: Rotterdam
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    Dutch, English

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  1. ScS Updates:
    Due to the update on ETS2 and ATS. The TruckersMP client is unable to support the updates at this moment in time.

    There is no way to downgrade to a supported version either as it not available on steam.

    I'm sure the devs will be hard at work trying to figure this out for you guys. 

    In the meantime please be patient and try to refrain from making unnecessary forum posts about it.


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    2. DJ Jefferz

      DJ Jefferz

      An update is now released. You will need (NONE - Opt out of all betas.)

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