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  1. You can still use this even in multiplayer. You just teleport in single player, save and load up multiplayer.
  2. Hello everyone, Recently during my convoys people always ask me how to get a certain load to a certain city withoout driving back and forth so I decided to make a little tutorial. This is my 2nd time doing this since my last render failed really hard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAnMH1FTkd4 Enjoy
  3. Congratulations everyone. This shows again how great this mod is.
  4. BeBo

    I have taken

    I recently started sub-reddit for ETS2MP because It's a entertaining mod and I'm sure there are some people here that use reddit. http://www.reddit.com/r/ets2mp/ We already have around 25 subs which is quite decent. I'm currently not looking for any moderators. I'm not trying to take the piss out of this forum, I know that alot of people love reddit so I wanted to simply make subreddit! Thanks!
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