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  1. Hello, sorry if information to my question is somewhere avalaible - I tried search for it, but coudlnt find anything what would satisfy my curiosity so I will ask here: In loggin screen it says this is only alpha version and it does not represent final product. My question is about final product stage - what player like me should imagine by final product, like what should we expect from it? Thanks for answer.
  2. Hello, I just bought ATS and I wanted add it on truckersmp so I can play multiplayer but it somehow dont work my account is still without ATS. How long does it takes? Thank you in advance
  3. Hello, recently I started play with my friend on Europe 2 and we have issue with huge desync between our games. I mean, when he is close to me I see his truck heavy lag and he see lag me like hell. Sometimes he is jumping few meters back, so it is hard to ride behind him. We are from Slovakia and we have good internet connection so I dont know what is going onn. Some players looks normal, without lag when I meet them, some lag too and I just want know if there is any solution to this. It is like some kind of desynchronziation.Thank you for help and answer.
  4. Hello. Is anything happening? I had a lot of trouble last days to play on multiplayer. First there was never ending reconnecting, now it is suddenly high ping (over 700ms) which leads to kick from game everytime I try join. I had this problems on server 2 too so I dont think that it is question of capacity. At server status was back then only like 85/2500 players on server 2. Thanks for answer.
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