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  1. Having issue>> ever since last update, Iclick Launch ATS as suppose to, but then i get a message asking if i meant to load mp, then it loads normal game, not ur version with MP. I dont have betas selected and everything else is exactly how its suppose to be, and it worked fine before last MP and game updates. Please Advise (playing normal is fine, but I like MP) Including screenshot of message before normal game loads after launching from TRUCKERMP ((if u hit ok, it launches normal single player game from steam, if u hit cancel it closes.. but this window shows every-time after launching from TRUCKERMP))
  2. excited the game finally has heavy haul on both games,, had to purchase the minute i noticed they were out, and having a blast playing them

  3. wow... hey guys and gals, I am not a MOD, or Dev, But I do know what it takes to code, AND i am a true fan and follower of this game, being a disabled ex-truck driver from RL (real life), that now plays this to keep sanity, look before you post multiple questions on new updates, and rants about why its not out, take notice of few things, other then donations by the few of us who care about what these guys bring to the game for us, other then those, basically you get these updates for free, and the devs do this at their own cost, and that cost includes their time to code, and their time to read reviews, comments, questions, and their time to help with support tickets and questions, now how much time do you think all of that takes, even if you remove the coding part, the rest of it could easily take a whole day to do, then you put back in the coding part, and what time slot during the day do you think that falls in, plus i know for a fact that alot of these guys have lives to attend to, and some even have day to day jobs they have to work around, not counting family, eating, health and other things that take priority. So please before you post inpatient posts, and questions, take a minute to think if you could handle the schedule i mentioned, without going insane,then step back, breathe and then just post a big thank you for all they do and have fun in SP until that great day comes when you get online and it says the new update is here, then you will be even more excited, because you showed gratitude and patience. Thank you, and I pray you all have a great, and safe day, and fun playing. and to the RL drivers out there, being a disabled ex-driver, I send prayers, and safe wishes, and as always keep the rubber side down, and the 4 wheelers at a distance AND TO THE DEV'S THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO AND KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK
  4. I MESSAGED THE DEV, I will reply once I hear a answer, but hang in there guys, I made sure their notified about the errors
  5. sent message,, its important

    1. Aestrial


      I'm sure mwl4 is busy at the moment, so you most likely can't expect a fast response from him.

    2. Shovali


      @BrandonF76 mwl4 i am sure is busy too right now so send am PM message and when is will can he will answer to you 

    3. BrandonF76


      no thats fine, i wasnt expecting reply,, no worries

  6. did you message dev... I had issue like this 3 updates ago, I deleted all MP files from computer, then re-downloaded and it fixed it BUT i would write one of the DEV'S and double check
  7. WOW, that was fast LOL... joke,, love you guys and thanks for the update,, I had to post a funny, since all those people were whining for weeks, acting like they have nothing better in their lives lol... I will download now, but wont play till later, my GREEN BAY PACKERS FOOTBALL game starts in 15mins GONNA BEAT THE LITTLE KITTY KATS (LIONS) GREEN AND GOLD TILL I'M DEAD AND COLD Thanks, and KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK... Northwoods Wisconsin ROX
  8. I think their waiting to release it, once the whiners switch from diapers to pull-ups,, then the devs will think the whiners are ready for new toys LOL
  9. so question,,, its been days now, when will new version of MP be released for the new ATS 1.4, since we all had to downgrade.. just wondering for a update NEVER-MIND,, the posts before mine, didn't show up at first, so i typed, not realizing you had already answered.... forgive me, and hope things go smoothly so we all can have fun soon with the new options
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