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  1. Lately my game crashes a lot too, doesn`t matter in which city I am, even at ports (not only EP). If I`m right it started for me when the 0.1.4 came out.
  2. Does your game crashes always when you enter Rotterdam?
  3. Rainis.

    Game freezes

    I posted it here because it seems similiar problem.
  4. Rainis.

    Game freezes

    My game freezes a lot while playing, and game crashes even when im not near crowded cities. Often I get C++ Runtime Error too.
  5. Happy New Year !

  6. Well i reached 20mb then it said operation failed...
  7. You are lucky with 100kb/s speed. I have 10kb/s, its been downloading for 1h and 30min now, and only 10mb is downloaded...
  8. Rainis.

    Banned - sorry

    Sorry for Off-Topic: I created my ban appeal there but where can I see it?
  9. I`m usually driving around with MAN, Scania Streamline and both Volvos (new and old).
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