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  1. It's a bug, I think you should do it in Singleplayer...
  2. Like to help people with problems! :) (If there are any problems, send me simply a message) Have a nice day! :)

  3. Maybe you deleted your savegame accidentally?
  4. Try to to re-install Euro Truck Simulator 2 and ets2mp if the error comes again I would ask the developers, I think they can help you a little bit more! Ih hope I helped you! Chris
  5. This is really the best mod for ets2! I´ve followed this amazing mod since releasing!
  6. Thats a bug! Try it several times, then the game should run! I hope I helped you! Chris
  7. The onliest thing i can say to this problem is: -that the problem only is, while updating ETS 2 I started ets2mp accidentally and then there comes the same error co - at first I would downgrade ets2 and then update ets2 to the requested game version what ets2mp needs I hope I helped you! Chris.
  8. Yep, that are the good old problems of ets2mp . But you can minimize the lags if you don´t drive in the cocpit view, because the mirrors, and other things pull down the performance of the game. I hope I help you! Chris
  9. I know this problem and I have done all scopes to /solve the problem but nothing helped :/. But after about an hour the Error Message only came 1 time and then ets2mp ran without any problems. I hope i have helped you. Chris
  10. It looks so, that the game is missing a couple of DLC´s. You can try with drawing up a new score. If the problem is not done, then you have to check if Euro Truck Simulator 2 respectively the DLC´s are correctly installed! I hope I have helped you! Chris
  11. Maybe the DLC was installed incompletely or incorrect, you can check wether the game respectively the DLC is correctly or incorrect installed. You have to go for checking as follows: Steam>Games>show Games library>right-klick on Euro Truck Simulator 2>then choose features>local files>"checking game files for errors. (Ito could may take some time) I hope i have helped you! Chris
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