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  1. Hello guys! 


    I never forget this wonderful community, and still I'll be here and still I'll help this community. Please let me know if you need help from TruckersMP I'll do my best work for yours.

    I'm sorry and I'm gonna.

    Don't forget I love you guys! 

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    2. OmSaL


      I really love you. I think it is the best support ever in the team. You really helped us a lot. I am grateful to you for that. I'm sorry you left the team. I will never forget a good person like you. I never think another person as kindhearted and helpful as you would join the team.  😭
      I'll never forget you bro! ❤️ 

    3. Expectancy


      I'll never forget you bro! ❤️

    4. Red'Sire


      Takıma senin kadar yardımsever birisi az gelir, umarım tekrar ait olduğun yere dönersin. ❤️ 😢 

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