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  1. I honestly can't remember, it would most likely be in the UK.
  2. Peasant, sorry I meant Newbie. I rarely come on the forums so it doesn't bother me.
  3. Like somebody else has said before me. It is about the individual driving the car. No reason why they should be removed as the majority use them correctly however I'm sure the same folks also troll in Trucks too so it would be no point either way. Long Live The Scout!!
  4. I don't really count to be honest. No more then 10hrs a week.
  5. I enjoy all the weathers as they provide a change of scenery as all the different weathers bring something different to the game.
  6. I have always stayed clear of CD Road as I just don't enjoy the mayhem. I would soon rather go somewhere less quite and relax.
  7. I mostly stick to Scania nowadays. Because I think they look nicer and less plasticky.
  8. Gunmetal Gray would be my first choice. But I do also like Red and White too.
  9. I used to play on Sim 2 a lot back in the day but now I mainly stick to ProMods.
  10. Happy Birthday! 

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