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    Hauling large loads in both ETS2 & ATSmp.

    i love to haul EXTREMELY long distances, such as, from the bottom most tip of california, all the way up to the upper most tip of nevada.

    Hit me up if you want to convoy, i got friends who play as pilots only. contact me at @[email protected]
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  1. Robertlambert

    American Truck Simulator , Peterbilt 389

    i want the ATS team to re vamp the sounds, i hate the sounds of the whistling engines, lets go back when the trucks had MEAN engines that ROARED to life. im not saying get rid of the whistling all together, keep it, but just reduce it to fast speeds, when your going fast, then that sound should start when you press down on the gas, but when your at a stop, and start to go, that sound should not be there. go here to see what i mean
  2. Robertlambert

    New states?

    im hoping they add in Indiana, and all the county's, i want to be trucking through my home state
  3. just a heads up, wont be playing ETS2 until this Weekend, School stuff in the way