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  2. Bem Vindo De Volta Mano :love:

  3. Welcome back :love:

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      Yesss thanks!!


  4. Welcome back :P 

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      Yaaas thankssss!


  5. Welcome Back Mate :thisisfine::wub:

  6. chevytime

    G29 steering rotation part 2

    I run Win10 pro.... Never had one single issue. To avoid factory reset, contact logitechs support first and explain them your issue. They might be of some assistance.
  7. chevytime

    G29 steering rotation part 2

    So the problem is not with the mod itself, its software... Have you tried installing the wheel on another computer an test it out? Most times its OS problems and usually the only solution is either upgrading windows or reseting your PC.
  8. chevytime

    G29 steering rotation part 2

    Hey, i'm not 100% sure about the issue, but does it occur in offline mode also? Or it only happens in MP?
  9. Espero te ver na equipe em breve... 

    quem sabe...


    espero que aproveite! 

    nos vemos por aí! 



  10. Thanks for your great and helpful work! I hope I can see you coming back one day  ღ

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    I cant Join ETS MP2

    //Locked and moved to solved Reason: User forgot his login e-mail. In cases like this, please submit a support ticket in https://support.truckersmp.com as we are unable to assist via forums in cases like this. Thank you for all of those who submitted responses and tried to help out in this issue!
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    Happy Birthday mwl4!

    Happy Birthday @mwl4 Wish you the best buddy!
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    reporting someone

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    When will Latin America's server be up again?

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