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  1. It's a great idea. But imagine the desync and lag that it would cause. If rockstar still can't solve their desync and lag issues on multiplayer, I don;t think we would.
  2. chevytime

    Why wouldn't SCS want to work with TruckersMP?

    There is no doubt that TruckersMP has helped SCS on their sales. Without the multiplayer mod, many players downloaded this game illegally, as having the original version of the game was not required to play. But since 2014, when the mod was realeased, mwl4 has made it obligatory to have this game activated on steam, therefore, pirate games would never work. Our community is almost hitting 3million players, also, 3million ETS2 and ATS sales. SCS has gained millions on this mod. Seems pretty good already. I don;t think they would partner with TruckersMP because what they both have going on is good enough. But it would be nice if SCS would recognize TruckersMP more, and maybe gift mwl4 for his hard work this past 4 years.
  3. chevytime

    Should ban time be decreased ?

    Having a clean record to become staff is really important because you become an example on how othe rplayers should be. You are the one representing TruckersMP. Therefore a 1 year clean record is good enough as it has given you enough time to change your attitudes and adapt / practice on how you should act among other players.
  4. chevytime

    Tag Problem

    Have you reinstalled the mod?
  5. chevytime


    This is a third party mod. Some bugs will occur... Has you questions been answered?
  6. chevytime

    No snow in MP, only SP

    Could you please confirm me if your issue has been solved?
  7. chevytime

    Server is Kicking me due to Winter Mod.

    Hello. The mods were updated. Could you please confirm if this error still persists?
  8. chevytime

    Winter Mod Help!

    Hello. You must open ETS2MP folder, and create a "mod" folder. Just place the mods in the folder and launch the game.
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  10. Bem Vindo De Volta Mano :love:

  11. Welcome back :love:

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      Yesss thanks!!


  12. chevytime

    G29 steering rotation part 2

    I run Win10 pro.... Never had one single issue. To avoid factory reset, contact logitechs support first and explain them your issue. They might be of some assistance.