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  1. Congratulations Doxxyz :D

    1. Doxxyz


      Thanks Super :) 

  2. Happy new and the BEST freakin year to you👍

    1. SuperHoops


      Happy new year to you too :D 

  3. Very scenic in places, well worth buying IMO - for those that don't already have it of course.
  4. SuperHoops

    New Car For TMP

    Just the Skoda is fine in my opinion, it is a truck game after all.
  5. Sometimes but I often use Siri to type out my messages for me.
  6. I sometimes drive down the C-D road but more often that not, my answer would be the same as @FernandoCR [ESP] I would have picked ‘other’ if that was an option.
  7. Great idea, thanks for the update!
  8. iOS for me currently but I stay openminded, I would be willing to give Android a go again. Both very good operating systems, in their own ways.
  9. Scania R/S for me... I also like the Mercedes Actros though!
  10. Love this! thanks TMP!
  11. I personally dislike driving for miles and miles and rarely coming across another player. I do however like driving around Germany as you see players relatively frequently. Traffic is good and makes the game feel realistic so I don’t mind patiently waiting in traffic. For those reasons, I’ve picked no Skoda - heavy traffic jam.
  12. Dark mode always - if there is an option. Apple’s iOS13 has a dark mode too! ... finally!
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