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  1. SuperHoops

    Road to Simulation

    Love this! thanks TMP!
  2. SuperHoops

    What do you want to?

    I personally dislike driving for miles and miles and rarely coming across another player. I do however like driving around Germany as you see players relatively frequently. Traffic is good and makes the game feel realistic so I don’t mind patiently waiting in traffic. For those reasons, I’ve picked no Skoda - heavy traffic jam.
  3. SuperHoops

    Which our theme do you use?

    Dark mode always - if there is an option. Apple’s iOS13 has a dark mode too! ... finally!
  4. SuperHoops

    what do we all think of the new germany roads?

    As many have said above, I really like them! I’ve explored them all and they are a great improvement on what already was a very good map.
  5. SuperHoops

    About blocking a road

    If reported in game - the admin will review it as long as the report doesn’t time out. The best way to ensure the report gets looked at is to record your gameplay and report it via the website, as this will definitely get seen by a game moderator. It just may take a little longer. See here:
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  8. SuperHoops Released

    Thanks so much!
  9. Yes definitely, as many have said above... I would also recommend buying all the DLC’s if funds allow you too!
  10. I don’t usually horn, only if someone is weaving across the road in front of me while I’m trying to pass... I use it to signal my presence. (Tap it, not press and hold ) It seems common practice on the roads of the multiplayer to sound the horn to greet other players... I flash my lights to greet other players if they horn before I pass.
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