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  1. Happy new and the BEST freakin year to you👍

    1. SuperHoops


      Happy new year to you too :D 

  2. Very scenic in places, well worth buying IMO - for those that don't already have it of course.
  3. Just the Skoda is fine in my opinion, it is a truck game after all.
  4. Sometimes but I often use Siri to type out my messages for me.
  5. I sometimes drive down the C-D road but more often that not, my answer would be the same as @FernandoCR [ESP] I would have picked ‘other’ if that was an option.
  6. Great idea, thanks for the update!
  7. iOS for me currently but I stay openminded, I would be willing to give Android a go again. Both very good operating systems, in their own ways.
  8. Scania R/S for me... I also like the Mercedes Actros though!
  9. Love this! thanks TMP!
  10. I personally dislike driving for miles and miles and rarely coming across another player. I do however like driving around Germany as you see players relatively frequently. Traffic is good and makes the game feel realistic so I don’t mind patiently waiting in traffic. For those reasons, I’ve picked no Skoda - heavy traffic jam.
  11. Dark mode always - if there is an option. Apple’s iOS13 has a dark mode too! ... finally!
  12. As many have said above, I really like them! I’ve explored them all and they are a great improvement on what already was a very good map.
  13. If reported in game - the admin will review it as long as the report doesn’t time out. The best way to ensure the report gets looked at is to record your gameplay and report it via the website, as this will definitely get seen by a game moderator. It just may take a little longer. See here:
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