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      Current development status [overview + info]   12/04/17

      Hey truckers, quite alot happened recently and we are getting many questions from you. To help you getting your answer much quicker, here is a recap of the latest information in regards to the Italy DLC, the Special Transport DLC, the wintermod and the latest game updates.   SCS released the Italy DLC. This DLC is not properly working in multiplayer at this moment. Until official support has been added, use the DLC on your own risk. You won't get banned for driving in the Italy area, but you might experience issues with missing NCZ and other minor bugs.   American Truck Simulator is not supported for quite some days now.   The Special Transport DLC is not guarantueed to be included within the first few patches. Due to the complexity of the situation of how the content of this DLC operates, it is possible that support for this specific DLC will take a long time, or in worst case scenario won't be supported at all. Please bear with us and give our developers enough time to make sure everything goes alright. Putting pressure on them or creating a massive amount of topics about it is not going to change the speed of development.    As always, our team is working hard to make sure we can give you the best experience. We hope to provide you a new version of our mod with support for ATS real soon, but we are currently not able to give you an estimated date of release. We thank you for your understanding.  
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      Translation Team Recruitment   12/11/17

      Hello Truckers! We are making small changes in the team. We are looking for new translators for our community. Please check the requirements and send it to us. Languages that we are interested in are: Turkish, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, French, German   Requirements: * You are at least 17 years old. * You must be active in our community. * You have sufficient knowledge of the English language. * You understand and respect the forum and in-game rules. * You can remain calm and polite in a conflict. * You are able to ask questions and inform yourself if you don't know something. * You are able to work in a team and participate in team discussions. * You have some basic social skills as you will be in touch with many community members. * You are dedicated and devoted to help other members of the community. * You are registered on TruckersMP's forum for at least 1 month. * You know at least one more language than English   Please feel free to send an application here: https://truckersmp.com/recruitment Thanks for your interest ! End Date: 20/12/2017 Good Luck to Everyone !


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  1. Your next DLC..?

    Iceland dlc
  2. United Kingdom you would come some players a bit is what he is.

    @TruckerStefan UK not in Europe?
  3. United Kingdom you would come some players a bit is what he is.

    Because the road rules of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are driving in the left lane Although UK is an island country, many users do not like their road rules
  4. Advanced Ghost Mode

    Sometimes, the user doesn't even have time to react, a guy suddenly appears on the road, you're close to him, and there's a chance of a collision Yes, sometimes you can easily avoid it and only need a simple steering operation Sometimes, because you're too fast, you overlap with that guy, and most people choose to go through it directly If I had an overlap with that guy, I would immediately brake and let that guy pass me first Even if the player finds out that guy is in a ghost mode, there are always some players who don't care about it, and still move on
  5. Suggestion Name: TruckersMP to re-examine the Skoda car project decision Suggestion Description: We're not fully sure that the decisions made by TruckersMP are all correct The most common servers are EU1, EU2, EU3[No Cars], EU4[No Collision] When the TMP team decided to do a Skoda car, the main purpose is to allow administrators to use a police car, but there are many user requests, they want to ordinary users can also use Skoda, TruckersMP finally meet the user requirements Now, can not use the Skoda car in EU1 and EU3 two server,skoda is allowed to use in the EU2 and EU4 of the two servers. We know about deleting Skoda's proposal is rejected,the TMP team spent a year to study the design of a Skoda car, they will not easily give up Even if EU3 is a server without a car, it doesn't actually solve the fundamental problem,many users choose EU2, and they don't choose other servers to play The users who agreed to remove skoda have their reasons, and the users who did not agree to remove skoda have their objections Yes, Skoda itself does not have what problem, thanks to the TMP team, the problem is that bad drivers We mean that Skoda can continue to retain, but should make some adjustment,we must also understand that decisions are not entirely fair, but factors must also be taken into account There will be users who will disagree, and they will give reasons, but we must also express our opinions Maybe it's a painful decision, but we think it should be done, and there's no way out. It's all a series of problems caused by the problems of our users Cancel the user permissions, the use of Skoda on the EU2 does not allow ordinary users,however, administrators can be allowed to use them( Yes, there is no absolute fair, but we have to face it) If the user wants to use ordinary Skoda, allow them to use in EU1, please note that EU1 is a speed limit speed limiter,It's also a server for simulating realism Yes, people will say, Skoda will take the troll to the EU1 server, is not a good thing, but do you really think those trolls will go to EU1 to use them? So we have to make some sacrifices In the past, without cars, shouldn't it be better than now? We also have some views, the fact that Skoda should be useless, but should not completely deny it We believe that ordinary users can use Skoda, is a very lucky thing, but should also impose some restrictions In fact, we still a large number of users choose the EU2 server caused a series of problems, so Skoda should leave this server.Even if there is a truck troll, people don't seem to really hate them, but to people hate Skoda super Troll In the end, we don't care whether the proposal is accepted or rejected, or something else, which is actually not such a simple problem Any example images: Nope. Why should it be added?: We think that the TruckersMP team should think about what happens when they make a decision, what is the problem, and how to take measures to improve it,In some cases, whether or not it should increase, it may not be absolutely fair, so it must be understood
  6. Advanced Ghost Mode

    I have a view that if the user enters the game, the truck stops on the road, then its username can persistent flicker(It is not a lag, lol), so that other players find that the user is in the ghost mode
  7. Your opinions on In-game Reports?

    There is no absolute fairness, nor allows the administrator selective law enforcement The priority of reporting should not be applied, and it should be known that it is unfair to all users A player is reported by many users. When the administrator processes one of the reports, he should refuse other users to report, but should check them, just a simple report status update Hire more admins, just allow them to deal with a lot of reports? Most users are adding "useless traffic", including me, then why do users complaining too much? How to identify the reporting system is bad? No, it doesn't stop running and can be used properly. So what are the other problems?
  8. Opinions on the Scout Cars

    Yes, it's bad,I use trucks most of the time If you don't like it, you can give up using it Without good driving skills and proper speed control, of course there will be some bad things
  9. What mistakes do you often make on TruckersMP?

    I sometimes run through red lights, but I pay attention to other traffic to avoid accidents I often drive too fast, of course, it's allowed, not speed hackers
  10. Video recording on ban

    The report is rejected, and if you think it's reasonable, you can delete your evidence (video / screenshot) Aestrial says: If your report gets declined with the reason 'User is already banned, evidence added to existing ban' or similar, then you do need to keep the evidence. ^Not quite right, you can still delete evidence (video / screenshot), but that's not recommended Players have been banned, administrators have added evidence of other users, then your evidence is added to the inside, even if you delete the evidence, the player's ban still can not be lifted So some users want to report players, why delete the evidence, and I think it's an irresponsible act, lol
  11. Too long trailers are not suitable for multiplayer games
  12. What is your way of dealing with Trollers or Rammers?

    When an emergency happens, I have to take appropriate action to slow down, brake, stop, Alt+F4 Take proper measures and methods to reduce the chance of accidents OK, they have priority, and I will take the initiative to avoid them ^This is to prevent accidents
  13. Do You Save Fuel?

    No, I waste it In the game set up, I also closed the real fuel consumption I'll watch the dashboard and go to the gas station anytime