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  1. Avoid "Troll" into the team

    Suggestion Name: Avoid "Troll" into the team Suggestion Description: Because of the problems that have happened, there should be a suggestion here. Maybe some users have known this. There is a Turkey user. He has 2 TMP accounts, because he is Ban Evading, and the main problem is that he is TMP staff(before), though he has already left the team. By the way, it's a great irony. It's really disappointing.It's also unacceptable to the users, of course, not to say that the TMP team needs to apologize, but there are some problems. Obviously, there are some problems with the recruitment of the TruckersMP team, and there are some omissions. There are still some problems. Some users connect with TMP team members through various channels, because they want to join the team, if TMP staff members do not obey the internal rules or anything else.I think the TMP staff will help these users into the team, but we think it's a violation of the principle.(It's just a speculative but it does exist, and we're no longer investigating this.) When some users want to join the TruckersMP team, they will submit their own requests,I mean to add an option to ask how many TMP accounts they have, or the TMP team uses technical means to examine users' accounts.(This is necessary) At the same time, the TMP team should know how many accounts are owned by all the staff to ensure that there is no problem. Any example images: Not applicable / non public Why should it be added?: To prevent the "Troll" into the team, the idea is actually very simple, but it's not very difficult to strengthen some of the censorship.
  2. Guys, "Troll" has infiltrated the TruckersMP team, this is really a great irony and challenges, although has left the team, but was able to enter into the TruckersMP team, this is surprising!

    In real life there are some bad guys to sneak into the police force, which are some interesting stories

    I'm going to write some suggestions, and I need a little time.

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    2. oolala11


      I'm still in the team:troll:

    3. 0zgur



      he's talking about me. 

    4. _J-M


      He must be talking about be :troll: 

  3. Congratulations on you getting the honor of "Retired Legend"


    Good luck to the future!

  4. What permissions do you have now?

    1. [TFM DJ] ccowie

      [TFM DJ] ccowie

      He is currently like a trial, trial game mod :P 

    2. Kinesisk[CHN]


      It means he can deal with reports on the website, not just the observer.

  5. crash

    Thanks for help, you can lock this
  6. [SCS Blog] The Year of the Dog

  7. crash

    Hi, it looks like there's a bit of a problem on the screen. You can see it through this video The main problem is the game crashes last_crash:
  8. Which country are u from?

    Country: China City: Chongqing Nationality: Chinese Picture of your country/city:
  9. The truck suddenly froze for two seconds

    This problem has been solved, thanks!
  10. The truck suddenly froze for two seconds

    I'm using Windows 10 now. I will try to change the version to Windows 7. Of course, I'm not sure if I can solve it, but I remember that I didn't experience many problems when I used Win7 to play ETS2MP before.
  11. Hi, I played ETS2MP today, but I met a little problem, just recently it happened a little bit more frequently. Did anyone understand that?
  12. TruckersMP Real Operations V3

    I will come...