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  1. Game: American truck simulator Mod Version: Controllers Used: keyboard Description of Issue: I had to restart my truck while starting the headlights went off for a sec then back on but within that time the auto kick started and didn't stop when my headlights came back on within the 10 second so I had to restart the whole game because of the auto kick didn't notice my headlights come back on. How to reproduce: I don't know Screenshots / Videos none
  2. I don't report people but when it comes to admins I try to keep that up for those that isn't a admin can get noted. but now I know what to look for.
  3. ha k np just checking if u was a admin or acting like one. still learning about mp admins. so now I know if I see red names they are admins.
  4. k thinks for the info. so if I see red names they are admin
  5. ha k so Sgt_Tailor is a admin what about Sysgen?
  6. I'm not 100% sure all the admins are as for truckersmp admins are I'm posting this here in stand of in the report section just in case it is a admin if they ain't admin go on to what u need to do. I've seen some red chats but never seen names from who just to who they are going for. I finished my job before I posted this.
  7. If i put this in a wrong place please put it in the right spot. I'm wounding how long is Tour-o-Matic is gonna stay around I've read old post about it merging with wotrdb but now wotrdb is gone. I'm also wounding if they are gonna fix the trip logger anytime soon or whats up with it. Its not posting right info in job log I know I drive over an hr on my last job I did from Oxnard cali to elko Nevada the job log said the trip time was 3 sec's. I'm also wounding if tour-o-matic gonna have there own forums or is tmp admins allow them to keep using this site for the forums. If u need to check my job info out on the site here is the job log link https://tour-o-matic.net/jobs/view/92946 of my last job I did before I posting this I did other dives and any of my job's isn't posting right this month. if I need give a link for my job lists just let me know and I'll post my job link here. I know this site is being worked on as well atm its better then virtual trucking manager site I like logit compare to vtmlive but would be better if logit gets worked on some more soon for all jobs from others can get posted right.
  8. Mod Version: alpha Controllers Used: none Description of Issue: trying to switch profile's from one to another by click on profile but the game keeping shutting down this happen last few versions as well of this mp mod. I know in single player I can only having the issue with mp mod. How to reproduce: I don't know how u can reproduce this issue Screenshots / Videos: none
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