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  1. Yannick011 Released

    Thank you for this update!
  2. Yannick011

    Your favorite Games!

    Gta V ETS 2 Cities Skylines
  3. Yannick011

    What song are you currently listening to?

  4. Yannick011

    I don't see any trucks on the ets2mp map

    Yes, I voted the answer up.
  5. Yannick011

    I don't see any trucks on the ets2mp map

    Okay, thanks Yes I have AdblockPlus, but it isn't activated on TMP sites because I want to support the developers of this mod.
  6. The title says it: I can't see any trucks on the ets2mp map. (http://ets2map.com/) I already have this problem for 1 month, normally it goes away but now it doesn't. :/
  7. Yannick011 Released

    YAAAAAY, the Schwarzmuller DLC is supported! Thanks for the update! :-)
  8. Yannick011 Released

    When will the Belgian paint jobs be supported?
  9. Yannick011

    Version Released

    You can play without the Beta now. so select 'none'.
  10. Yannick011 has been released.

    Thanks for the update!