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  1. Montako Meitä on?

  2. What do you hear in this video?

    I can switch it from Yanny to Laurel, is this a superpower?
  3. Typing Speed

    I've gotten a better WPM in 10fastfingers but that was with my old keyboard. Cherry MX Red isn't really a good keyboard for typing efficiently.
  4. What song are you currently listening to?

  5. How to increase FPS

    Just saying if people actually want better FPS, installing the newest NVIDIA driver is not always the best option. If you want maximum performance, always look into benchmarks. There's articles for every new driver update in and with every update there are some nice people who are cool enough to do benchmarks with every driver update. So, if the new driver doesn't perform up-to-par or just isn't stable, previous driver is usually recommended. At the moment, recommended driver is 391.35 and it has the best FPS in most of the games and it's pretty fresh. So please don't go blindly in with your GeForce Experience and always check if the driver is working well for everybody else. + Remember to use DDU to remove your old drivers in Windows safe mode (!EVERY TIME!) I wouldn't suggest overclocking your GPU much, just increasing the power limit is enough to be honest. For a newbie they may think its easy and just rising the MHz will help but in some cases it lowers performance. Yeah GPU's are weird like that. I would start with overclocking your CPU, it's going to take some time to make it stable but it will help. Just don't go over the top with your voltages. And remember! DO NOT defrag your SSD, you can prematurely break it. TRIM is automatically executed on SSD's so don't bother touching them. Defragging will help with HDDs though like pointed out in the topic.
  6. Solar transport | Now hiring

    I've seen my fair share of toxic people in Solar when I was part of Viva but overall a great VTC
  7. Show me your favorite Truck

    Definitely my very own Rigid SCANIA! ^ This scania is the king of our fleet This Scania is quite a bit smaller in engine size + no bullbar This is the same Scania as the first one, but repainted. And now comes the actual beauty.. B-Link MAN!
  8. Trucking United | United We Drive

    Amazing company to be part with, sadly not with them anymore but I suggest this company to everyone! Amazing people.
  9. Whats your most used truck [ Veterans Only ] Topic

    The RJL Scania R for sure
  10. Great VTC. I wouldn't leave it for a million dollars. maybe for a million dollars
  11. Definitely happy, I was able to report him. Ty
  12. I find this quite unfair, since not everybody in the world understands russian/whatever this language is. I was going to file a report on this guy but I realized during rendering that his name was in cyrillic characters. What can we do then? Do I have to find a russian friend to write me those characters or what?
  13. What date did you join TMP (or ETS2MP)

    6th of December 2014 Wow. Thats a long while tbh.
  14. Alright, because I remember my performance was absolutely horrid with the AMD open-source drivers (even though they are better than the proprietary ones) Linux is not quite yet a gaming-ready OS and it suffers from significantly lower FPS compared to Windows (depends on your distribution and how you tweak it too) but it's Linux and it's better in every other way but gaming. Let's hope it changes in the future. Also, good luck trying to run ETS2 well with your Linux!