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  1. Yeah, I was talking about trucks, not cars. I know how cars work and how physics work, thank you. The speed limit for trucks in my opinion should be way under 150km/h And cars should be removed anyways so I won't give much of an opinion about their speed limits
  2. EU3, less cars and just way nicer people overall. I don't know why people play in EU2 and whine about ramming in C-D. It's literally as if you walked into a warzone and wonder why you got shot
  3. Muzolf

    About chassis?

    I have to disagree here with you, Taglift 6x2 is much better than a midlift. Taglift is pretty much the same thing, but allows the shortest wheelbase for maneuvering. So essentially tighter turns, I would never use a midlift and I wouldn't suggest anybody to use it.
  4. Permanent records of all moderations and bans for identificating duplicate accounts etc. is a must for TruckersMP and they can appeal to legitimate interest. It's fully GDPR compliant. The data is extremely minimal so there is no problem with that. There is nothing personal in there, all consent to sharing like nicknames and profiles etc.
  5. Dude, do you seriously think a diesel engine will idle 4k rpm? Also, to add to this post, you don't need to coast your neutral. If you have to come to a stop, just engine brake/use the retarded so you can save fuel and efficiently brake at the same time.
  6. H64 clashes with the convoy


    can we move pls

    1. Muzolf


      You said friday you dumbo

    2. [VIVA HH] Kravatie

      [VIVA HH] Kravatie



      i forgot about H64



    Hello people of TMP!
    For a second I want you guys to hear me. First of all, this is NOT A CONVOY! It is a GROUP RIDE.


    Today something really bad happened, the worst of the worst that could happen in a TMP Discord. Kravatie was banned by the ruthless hands of Nataliia for UsElEsS tAgGiNg and he is now gone. There is a reason for everything, but this was just an early death of our favorite TMP member, Kravatie. He might be gone but definitely not forgotten, he is in all of our hearts.


    And for this very reason, with my friend Rein we are going to create a MEMORIAL GROUP RIDE through the C-D road (hold on, it's not a convoy) and we are going to whine all the way through about how sad this situation is, also we are going to act like Kravatie is dead even though Kravatie will be with us for the entire group ride I really hope you guys follow these set rules and we hope you guys are going to have fun.


    The group ride will be in 3rd of August 2018 and will start at 7PM UK Time.


    I thank you all for this, and I sincerely hope Kravatie gets the memorial he deserves.


    Since we have so many admins whining about this group ride we will have to take some safety precautions. These will be discussed later though, but remember that we will have a Red Scania (aka group ride control) scouting for admins before we proceed.

    - Muzolf


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    2. Ady Man
    3. stilldre1976


      am gonna paint my truck pink in honour of krav now … :lol:

  8. Muzolf

    Typing Speed

    I've gotten a better WPM in 10fastfingers but that was with my old keyboard. Cherry MX Red isn't really a good keyboard for typing efficiently.
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