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  1. Hello there @Thomz024, You'll be surprised that yes it still can make sense. Admins are very busy, but they can still accept an appeal after the ban expries. This is a note for future bans (from my understanding) which acts as an explanation to other admins. I'm happy to be corrected here
  2. Looking good! A few minor things that should be adjusted (coming from myself as a website developer), Happy to PM if needed. Cheers! @Digi7al
  3. @scarface0359 Can you please confirm that the CB Spam rule still applies also? Cheers
  4. @General_357mag Just to confirm, you are using CB Chanel 19 correct?
  5. Hello there @Davesullivan, Please refer to this post made by @fyzz08 which explains in detail how to activate. A simple search of the forum was able to bring this up Cheers!
  6. Hello there @Davesullivan please visit http://truckersmp.com and download the launcher again. Once you have reinstalled the latest launcher, please then attempt to update (it should work). Any issues. please post here. Thank You.
  7. Hi @Shroomii just check to make sure it I see set to the steam apps path. please place a screenshot of the path here. Thanks
  8. Dev Team @Tuxy Fluffyclaws @Kat_pw noticed that EU2 is experiencing alot of server lag yet again tonight, and is also still failing to ping on the live stats page.

    Is there a plan to place this server onto its own dedicated IP again, It was working way better then.


  9. Good Evening all!

    It looks like there are some server issues with TruckersMP at the moment.

    Recommendation would be to keep an eye out and just be aware that you could loose connection.

    I'm sure that the devs are investigating this :)

    Happy Trucking.

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    2. mattfleaydaly


      Okay technically i'm correct as it is night here is Aus... :D Cute!

  10. That moment when you finished all 9 seasons of how I met your mother, and the final episode is :(

    Night all!

  11. It's never too late, so Merry Christmas to all! Happy Trucking!

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    2. mattfleaydaly


      Cheers @GARDENER Christmas ends in 2 hours here so :(


    3. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      :P all good  haha i don't celebrate Christmas , but  if you do celebrate Christmas  i hope   it was a Awesome one you had for 2016 :wub:, i still can't  believe how fast the year went  haha 



    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  12. The winter mod is not available yet. Keep an eye out on the forum for details to when it is ready
  13. Please check your game version/truckers MP version. In future, please follow the forum structure by making these types of posts in the Help section, where users like myself can provide better support. Please DO NOT post help requests in the news announcements as you will NOT receive full assistance here. Thank You
  14. Have a look at http://truckers.events to see how this has already been done. It's quite clever and you'd probably be able to work it out based on the TMP API
  15. Can I make a suggestion to everyone here. If you are experiencing issues with the launcher, instead of posting about it here on the news forum, please post it on the help forum so that you can receive adequate support. The Developers have done an amazing job to get this launcher released, and it would be a sign of respect to keep any issues on the help forum. Cheers all!
  16. Attention Everyone.

    If you are having issues with the launcher, I suggest that you check to make sure that the game is compatible on your system. I can confirm that the launcher is working on my end, as well as many users I've spoken with. If you are having issues It may be an issue on your system. You should post any issues in the help section, rather then a response to the post in the news section.

    By posting in the Help section you will be able to receive adequate support.

    Thanks All! :) 

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    2. mattfleaydaly


      Then the question should be asked, If you won't post in the help section, why not then just open a support ticket via http://support.truckersmp.com



    3. .StεvƐ.


      Because personally, I figure out the issues myself or just wait for a parch, why bother admins with things that, with enough patience, you can fix the problem anyway. 

    4. mattfleaydaly


      I can completely agree with you on that @megadethsteve666! Merry Christmas 

  17. Ladies and Gentlemen, I think it would be appopiate for you to use the help section of the forum for any issues with the mod. Before posting, do a simple search Tom see if it hasn't been answered or posted by someone else. Posting issues here is not going to get assistance as easily as posting in the help section. Thank You everyone, Happy Trucking
  18. Christmas time has come early @Kat_pw! This christmas present will be much appreciated by many! Merry Christmas all
  19. *Sees there are not many people on servers at the moment*

    *States that there should be a minimal chance of a crash occurring*

    *Whoops, spoke to soon! :D )*

    Happy Trucking all! Stick to the rules and have a Merry Christmas!

    Good Afternoon from Australia :D 


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    2. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      oh yea  i forgot to say merry Christmas to you to :)  i hardly celebrate anything, that just me  tho  i don't  know  about you. :D

    3. mattfleaydaly


      hahaha thanks for that! After all, christmas time is the time of giving! Cheers mate :) 

    4. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      :D haha yea its a great time for everyone :wub: 

  20. Just remember though, DO NOT DEFRAG IF IT IS AN SSD. Apologies for the caps but this is very important.
  21. Glad to see the issue is fixed! Happy Trucking!
  22. mattfleaydaly


    Okay then @robkardashian, Can you please use this template provided by @1nYX with screenshots so that we can see exactly what you are referring to. Thank You.
  23. What i'd suggest is that you create a new windows user account, and see if it still has the issues on that account. If it does you might be looking more at the option of reinstalling windows if it is registry related. By creating a new user account you are creating a new registry for that account. Also try running your games as an administrator (right click, run as administrator) and see if that helps. Please let me know if this works or not @JeKnYan
  24. mattfleaydaly


    @robkardashian Hello Mate! From your suggestion it doesn't make sense what you are suggesting... The wipers on the scouts current DO work and function correctly. Can you please be more specific whilst following the format provided by @1nYX so that we can better understand your suggestion. Cheers!
  25. Hello there and welcome to TruckersMP! Not sure exactly what your issue is, if you could explain more about the issue it would be a massive help In regards to you not getting banned, I suggest that you read the rules and follow them and you'll be fine Cheers!
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