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  1. Hello! Are you sure that you connected your steam account to TMP account and activated e-mail? Regards, LuckyOne.
  2. Happy birthday!:D

  3. Happy birthday!:D

  4. I don't like these paintjobs, because they are so strange..
  5. Hello! Lot of people send it and managers need to check them all. Just wait. Also read requirements: Regards, LuckyOne.
  6. Hello! There was post about this in "Help", but it's okay. If you want to deliver trailer in multiplayer, you need to play one time to end. You can just save game when you are taking trailer, then load in singleplayer or multiplayer. Regards, LuckyOne.
  7. Hello! TruckersMP doesn't support beta versions of ETS 2. Sure, it will support normal version 1.32. We need just wait.. If you updated to beta 1.32 you can return to 1.31 back, if you want to play multiplayer. Regards, LuckyOne.
  8. Hello! Yes, you can't sleep in multiplayer, because there is one fixed time for all players. And fatigue won't increase too. Regards, LuckyOne.
  9. Hey! Only Game Moderators/Project Manager/Trial Game Moderators/Game Managers/Game Moderator Leaders can drive Police Cars. There is "Add-on" team to make mods, not driving a police car. If you want to drive police car anyway, you can use singleplayer and modification.
  10. Hello. Just hold "X" to talk and open multiplayer setting (in tab) to enable/disable additional sounds or choose microphone. Also, to change channel or turn off CB – open tab -> right click -> and left click on black box in truck (buttons). Regards, LuckyOne.
  11. Hello! This is Two Factor Authentication. If you want to keep your account in safe - use this function. This is code. When you are logging in (after writing password and login), you will receive e-mail with code. Then you have to write it in line. Regards, LuckyOne.
  12. Hey! Try turn on V-Sync, it should help. Regards, LuckyOne.
  13. Hello! Try to re-install TruckersMP Launcher and ETS2. Also try to turn off driver's animation and another items like animated flags in multiplayer settings (In Tab). You can try to start singleplayer ETS2 with DirectX instead OpenGL or conversely. Can you send screenshot with your graphics settings (in-game)? Regards, LuckyOne.
  14. Hello! If you bought game right now, you need to play singleplayer two hours. Then you should create TMP Account and play multiplayer. Regards, LuckyOne.
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