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  1. people don't have respect for heavy load people. he said you gonna to ban you make a jam you ride to slow

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    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Just ignore people like those. If you are not violating any rules then there is no way you can be banned. Driving slow because the truck is heavy is different from being stopped and blocking the road.

    3. -XCE-


      I tend to get hit in the side when someone overtakes because I was driving slow due to my towing weight.

    4. Trucking Gekco

      Trucking Gekco

      You won't get banned if you don't break any rules, just make sure to practice those corners. You don't want to happen to hit anyone with your trailer and hope the admin will agree with you if you get reported. 


    okay let me explain, there is a new update coming with heavy trailers and bigger and better. Road Duisburg has been chaos after the update is worse xD

    1. doorgapmonster


      i am looking forward to it :)

  3. new update 1.27 open beta nice. and confirmed the heavy trailers and really heavy cargo? is SCS trying to tell us that their overweight trailers are coming soon?

    1. chipmunk197


      nothing confirmed about the heavy trailers well not what iv seen anyways from 1.27

  4. Choas at brussel brussel are blocked: look at my photos


    1. SgtBreadStick


      I remember Europort being like that, back in the day XD

    2. MrHarv98
    3. Afrousel


      all the fault of 707

  5. CHoas at brussel!!!

  6. Gonna to make a timelapse channel i'm testing out some one things, 

    soon better and more!

  7. when come the new update?

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    2. [S.PLH]Warrior


      I think he means a update for open beta that is currently released, but Truckersmp doesn't support open beta. So you should wait until full release by SCS, end then you should wait until support in multiplayer, so no ETA really

    3. Groxd_NL


      Thanks Warrior!


    4. Groxd_NL


      Bedankt man Warrior



  8. Or place him on the roof of the car
  9. insluting i kicked always when i says idoit when a person ram me 1 year back the rules was not even also this... for says idoit orsomething was insta ban from 3-4 hours..
  10. what will be happend withe people withe 5 bans? before this was say: Sorry for the question... 6th ban is 1 month, 7th is 3 months, 8th is perma ban And i have 2 stupid bans for 1 days cutting and insulting ?
  11. Ik heb ats gedownload maar mag niet inloggen omdat me ats niet is geconnect met jullie couple minutes is al 1 uur ..
  12. ik can't download internatiol error 500
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