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  1. Combine this with a map scale of 1:1 and you have my attention.
  2. The tale of the Autobahn where everybody is allowed to drive as fast as they can is simply spoken a myth. The few areas without a speed limit are not even worth accelerating because there are so many road constructions on the Autobahn that will limit you to 80 km/h or even 60 km/h for countless kilometers. Driving at 180 to 200 km/h is therefore far off realism and dangerous.
  3. 🇺🇸 Happy Fourth of July! 🇺🇸

    My recently purchased Peterbilt 379 in a classic maroon and creme paint scheme. ❤️




    1. [VIVA CC] JTrocks55

      [VIVA CC] JTrocks55

      Beautiful Photo! ❤️ 

  4. it is a catch-22 if you think about it this way: As a vast majority of players are attracted by high populated areas, it is only natural that they will not join an (in comparison) empty server. But by staying away from it, the number of players does not raise. You get the idea.
  5. @Raymond_, bist du sicher, dass es sich um deutsch handelt? Liest sich nicht so...
  6. Es stellt sich zuerst einmal die Frage, ob es im betroffenen Streckenabschnitt erlaubt war zu überholen. Danach muss geklärt werden, ob ein sicherer Überholvorgang gewährleistet werden konnte, d.h. ob die Gefährdung anderer Verkehrsteilnehmer über den gesamten Zeitraum des Überholmanövers ausgeschlossen werden konnte. Erst dann ist zu beweisen, ob der überholte Fahrer seine Fahrt beschleunigt hat und ggf. ob dies vorsätzlich geschah. Kein Unrecht rechtfertigt anderes Unrecht.
  7. As you already stated, a weak engine combined with a heavy load results in a low velocity. To You would need to prove that the driver either intentionally drove at a slow speed or intentionally picked the weak engine power and heavy load to provoke a slow velocity to successfully report him for blocking and the like.
  8. As long as all DLCs are required to join the Promods server, I strongly doubt that this will change anytime soon.
  9. Ich finde, dass der Skoda durchaus zu einem realistischerem Abbild des Straßenverkehrs beiträgt. Allerdings sind seine Audio- und Fahreigenschaften fragwürdig.
  10. Die Verwendung von Schallzeichen (Hupe) als Warnsignal als auch zum Grüßen ist in TruckersMP nicht verboten. Da es jedoch in der Vergangenheit des Öfteren zum sog. "Horn-Spamming" gekommen ist (die dauerhafte Verwendung von Schallzeichen ohne Unterbrechung über einen länger als üblichen Zeitraum) wurde die Option eingeführt, dass diese und andere Signaltöne (Rückfahr-Warnsignal) im Client deaktiviert werden können. Ich vermute, dass Fahrlässigkeit oder Vorsatz nur eine Rolle bei der Verhängung der Länge des Strafmaßes eine gewisse Rolle spielen. Natürlich hängt das Strafmaß auch davon ab, wie oft ein Spieler bereits negativ aufgefallen ist, wieviele Bans er bereits in der Vergangenheit kassiert hat und wieviele sich davon noch in der Cool-Down Phase befinden. Die vorsätzliche oder fahrlässige Herbeiführung einer Kollision erfüllt jedenfalls den Strafbestand nach In-Game Regel §2.2 und kann entsprechend geahndet werden. Grundsätzlich gilt, dass kein Unrecht ein anderes Unrecht rechtfertigt. Hier in TruckersMP hälst du dich besser an die drei R: Record, Report, Relax. Gute Fahrt!
  11. Basic road traffic regulations put into an easy way to understand. Thank you for that valuable contribution, @Koneko. (PS: If I got a dime every time a player crosses a red light while I am waiting for it to turn green, I would have earned already enough money to buy a real truck.)
  12. In addition to what @Xiolin stated, also the emergency stopping distance extends one and a half times. The emergency stopping distance is calculated by the normal stopping distance devided by the emergency stopping factor plus the reaction time. Example 150 km/h: (150 km/h /10) x (150 km/h / 10) (=normal stopping distance) / 2 (= emergency stopping) + (150 km/h / 10 x 3) (=reaction time) = 15 x 15 / 2 + 45 = 157.5 meters stopping distance. Example 90 km/h: (90 km/h /10) x (90 km/h / 10) (=normal stopping distance) / 2 (= emergency stopping) + (90 km/h / 10 x 3) (=reaction time) = 9 x 9 / 2 + 27 = 108 meters stopping distance. Drive safely!
  13. I never used Edge nor will I ever use it. Instead I make use of Firefox, as it seems to be one of the few open-source browsers out there.
  14. Enjoy your weekend, fellow truckers! 🙂

  15. In general, speeding is defined by driving faster than the allowed/ recommened speed limit. I believe that It can be regarded as either reckless driving or careless driving. If the driver is aware of the allowed/ recommended speed limit and willfully decides to driver faster, I would define it as reckless driving, because he intentionally ignores it. If the driver drives faster than the allowed/ recommended speed limit because he is not aware of it, I would define it as careless driving. Either case is driving above the allowed/ recommended speed limit and is dangerous for the driver and other road traffic participants. Higher speeds result in longer stopping distances and less reacting time and consequently increases the risk of accidents. So, is there something like "responsible speeding"? As speeding increases the risk of accidents I believe it can not be called a responsible behavior. Just my two cents. Drive safely!
  16. You can drive at higher or lower velocities within the restrictions given on either the simulation server or the arcade server. Good luck.
  17. I have tried the Mack several times in Singleplayer. It drives well and all but... ... I am not convinced about its design. To me it looks a bit too clumsy and it can not compete to a Kenworth.
  18. How unfortunate that you feel offended by my snappy humor. I hope you can see it as what it is and eventually get over it. But for the record, I presented my arguments for passenger vehicles in road traffic for the given reasons, and not specifically nor only for the Skoda. I understand that you are sad and angry because your truck was damaged by a troll that by chance drove a Skoda. Consequently, you mistakenly presume that all Skoda drivers are trolls. Banning the Skoda however will not ban reckless drivers or trolls. I have been hit many times by them, I am still here, still driving. And still recording them. Reporting them. So eventually justice is served. Drive safely!
  19. @Unleashed3k If you would please take the time to read by post again, you will probably realize that I did not refer to physics at any time. So, well spotted, Dr. Watson: TruckersMP is not RL. It can not be denied however that road traffic without any passenger vehicle is less realistic. And my post solely relies on the fact that TruckersMP strives for simulation. I agree however that a passenger vehicle should not be capable of flipping a truck over nor to drive away after a collision with a truck. But improving its physics will not stop the trolls from causing mayhem (do not get me wrong here: I am not saying that it should not be improved - actually I would welcome it). Only that they will continue to do it with a truck instead of a Skoda...
  20. You should already have realized by now that the TruckersMP team is busy with implementing the SCS updates and releases in their mod. I believe it is not a wise decision to provide a deadline/ release date that they possibly can not meet. Because what is going to happen is that exactly the same players that complained about not being informed about the progress made will then complain again that the deadline/ release date was not met. So sit back, relax and enjoy 1.36 or go outside and get some fresh air.
  21. I would not entirely ban the Skoda from the servers, as passenger vehicles are the major part of road traffic IRL, so they would contribute to realism in the simulator.
  22. I would agree to your suggestion IF we had a server-sided economy that makes it impossible to fiddle around with profiles (e.g. money-cheating). Right now, even a factor of 1.000.000 does not make sense as everybody can quickly change their amount of money.
  23. The speed limit was introduced to reduce the high number of accidents caused by driving at excessive speed. And in that aspect it works very well. However, it was never meant to prevent players from violating the rules.
  24. @quality_productions, I thank you for taking the time to write this guide for the community. As an advocate of safe and reasonable driving I believe this topic gets never boring and it can not be repeated often enough. I would like to take the opportunity to add one aspect of crucial importance which often is neglected in road traffic and often leads to serious accidents: driving times and rest periods. More about it (european policies ) can be found here: https://ec.europa.eu/transport/modes/road/social_provisions/driving_time_en Also, a good rule of thumb of the safety distance is to keep at least half of the speed you are driving at in meters (e.g. 40 meters at 80km/h), or a minimum of three (3) seconds to the vehicle ahead. Drive safely!
  25. That is why serious simmers use X-Plane 10 or 11+ with OSM and autogen. (Forgive me for being off-topic.)
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