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  1. Happy sunday to all of you truckers out there! ?


    It's the day of the week I refer to as lazy creative cake day.


    Lazy, because my day isn't structured like days during the week. Sleeping in, doing things at my pace. While writing these lines, I'm enjoying a cup of tea. ?


    Creative, because I like to spent time to learning something completely new or improve some skill. Today I'll jump into the adventure of aquarelle (water color painting)! ?️


    Cake, because I enjoy a self-made cake in the afternoon while reading a good book or watch a movie. ?


    What about you?


    1. "ESER 58"

      "ESER 58"



      I really enjoyed the lazy creative cake day and I think I'll be planning something like that too. 


      I wish you a good day ?


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