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  1. Hey guys, is there a way to share my Truck-Skin-Colors or to use RGB-values in ETS2 to design my truck ? How do other VTCs manage this Problem, that every VTC member has the same Truck-Colors ?
  2. Hey guys, is there a way to show all available World of Truck Orders and not only the ones next to the place my truck is actually ? thx for your answers....
  3. Hey guys when I try to connect to TruckersMP I always get the error 80092012, can anyone help ?
  4. Try an external job... when ets2 synchs with worldoftrucks also the other jobs will be there.. worked for me several times..
  5. First thx for the update... Do I have ro uninstall the Schwarzmüller DLC or do I only have to use another trailer ingame, if I want to play mp ?
  6. Yeah, isn't so long to wait.... I'll wait
  7. What do you think, how long it would take to make the update ? A month or two ? If not so long I would like to wait and not downgrade. Don't want you to hurry - just want to know what you think, how long it would take ca. Greetings Michael
  8. On Windows -> yes
  9. Do you have Kaspersky Internet Security installed ?
  10. Do you have Kaspersky Internet Security or any other security software from Kaspersky installed ? Which Windows version you are running ?
  11. I solved it... It was Kaspersky Internet Security which had a question in the background.. Couldn't saw it because I couldn't switch to desktop. I only saw that the mouse cursor was changing to a pointing hand at the left downer side of the screen - I clicked there and switched to desktop where I could see that KIS blocked the use of the microphone for ETS2. Because of ETS2 was set to trusty in KIS this can't be the problem. So I looked how TruckersMP.exe is set and saw that it was weakly limited. So I went into KIS Settings -> application management and there I set the use of microphone to allow in the KIS settings for truckersmp.exe And see - that's it ! Hope I can help anyone else with it
  12. Hey guys, as I alredy mentioned in the header, the login-window from TruckersMP needs at least 6 Minutes to appear. I double click the TruckersMP Icon - Game Starts and the it hangs at the red screen with the ingame mouse cursour. The Login Window needs about 6 Minutes to appear. In this time I can't do anything, also I can't switch to the desktop or anything else. Anybody else with this Problem ? I'm running Windows 10 64-bit (without annyversary update) on an Intel QuadCore Q9300 with 2,5 GHz, 18 GB Ram, GeForce 8800 GT with 1GB Memory
  13. Can't you select "Launch with direct x" ?
  14. Happened it only when you play MP or also when you try to start sp ,
  15. 8i11y

    Mods allowed

    Ok - no mods would be best I think
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