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  1. I have tried all that but it still doesnt work so...
  2. Hi 30 minutes ago i bought the new Logitech G29 i connected it. Everything works but the steering wheel doesnt turn 360 degrees. when i turn a little bit it goes to the end right away. how can i make it turn 360 degrees???
  3. Yes it works!!!! Im connected in the server thank u so much!
  4. When i open TruckersMP and start the game. Everything works fine but when i join after i selected server 2. it says server is overloaded or down because of maintenance. It says i can keep contuining in offline mode but can't in online mode, i restarted game twice but doesnt work.
  5. when i create a profile in-game then comes my first task but when i complete it i cant get a new task there comes no task avaible how can i get a new task and a new truck
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