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  1. A step in the right direction to mitigate the "rec ban" buffoons and one can hope that in the future Drivers will operate their equipment in a professional manner. o/
  2. Hello
    I will watch me Devil tongue and not drop F-bombs in Vegas on a Friday night in reference to big-dad iron.Mike.sharp: https://www.instagram.com/iron.mike.sharp/?hl=en

    Thanks for pointing out my potty mouth in a professional manner o/

    Twisted Transport

    1. Ghøst.


      It's no problem Popeye! It was a blast hanging out with you and everyone else in Vegas that night and can't wait to see everyone again! 

  3. This is absolutely a wonderful addition! Thank you TMP! Cheers, Popeye Twisted Transport
  4. I am planning on being in attendance o/ Cheers, Popeye Twisted Transport
  5. I avoid that dreaded stretch of road as to avoid morons/new drivers. I prefer to drive in DLC areas as to avoid idiots as much as possible.
  6. There is possibly big problem with ProMods Server; After 4 failed attempts (game failed @ 95% loading) I re-loaded into SIM 1. I checked other servers and the population count for ATS Sim1 was 0 and the ATS EURO was at 95 with 15 in que. I managed to load into ETS2 Sim1 but the population count wasn't at normal levels for a monday night. https://stats.truckersmp.com/ My intuition is screaming that something is not right on the back end. please advise when able. Popeye Twisted Transport
  7. Great event! Was fun delivering giant fruits to "simulated" juice factories then turning around and hauling either beverages or another product that would be in the production chain. I like the rewards as well, something new for me mobile office with a view! Cheers! Popeye, Twisted Transport Discord= TTVTC
  8. Default key bind is the X key bud o/
  9. Any chance a TMP staff member could provide the color code for the livery on the DAF please?
  10. Happy 9 Year anniversary TMP! Looking forward to attending this years event/ Truck show
  11. Big thanks to the update team! Cheers!
  12. Greetings fellow Driver o/ I noticed last week Saturday (roughly) that at one point there was 3500 Drivers online at around 4pm Eastern, United States. I think the player count is stable, but dependent upon real life circumstances and where aboots Ole' Spaceship earth happens to be travelling through the Cosmos; i.e. is it early morning in Europe? Is it during the week? Is the World Cup on? Variable nuances might effect player counts as well. The main part is are you having fun whilst piloting yer HGV with other Sim Enthusiasts? Cheers mate o7 popeye_x27 Twisted Transport Comic Relief Team
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