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  1. Hey Dean long time , don't know if you remember me 


    Thinking bout coming bk to ETS , hope all is well with you

    1. (TWGG) Owner Michael

      (TWGG) Owner Michael

      I'm quite well friend and glad to hear it been highly busy over the last few months so have hardly little time to play anymore 

  2. Hello, Lovely Community how is this Truckers.MP Community Doing on this lovely Saturday. 

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      have a nice weekend mate :) 

  3. Happy birthday :P 

  4. What A Great! but Successful day it has been -  92nCYba.pngywY15Vv.pngDOhjso0.png xA84fda.png nRmAjow.pngtUjrD9K.png060p8H5.png7mL3zzj.png0y7u2sH.png

    1. Asatelon


      These pictures looks soooo butiful <3

  5. T & B Trucking (WEL) INC. 

    Is Now Recruiting Drivers For :




    Social Team  - https://discord.gg/hTBuBZ4 (Warning) -  Under work - and in development 


  6. Come & Join Gamers from all areas of gaming TWG's Online Chat Server is now online 

    Supports :





    Teen's & Adults -  https://discord.gg/3rVDmGQ 


  7. So what is the real future of Turckers.MP? 

  8. Hello, Great Community! :D how is everyone? 

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    2. [DHH Owner] DRAGON

      [DHH Owner] DRAGON

      Hello mate. @Dean1521 I'm sick also, just got to live with it I guess. Get better soon ^_^

    3. (TWGG) Owner Michael
    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Hope you feel better soon :)

  9. Wow, wee had a long week just working and coming home to eat and sleep that's it so glad it's over I guess that's the work-life right? XD 

    1. SimulatorExperiencer





      that my life every day for the past years  :D but imagine walking 9km down the road after a long day of hard work :D


      there not much help when  im  on the dsp, can't drive due to no one can help me  and  yea that my life for you , and no bus at all  :D 

    2. (TWGG) Owner Michael

      (TWGG) Owner Michael

      Okey maybe I haven't have it that bad XD 

  10. Happy Birthday :D 

  11. Thanks For the Follow @Ali :) :D 

  12. thanks for the follow buddy :)

  13. Well Look at that I'm not the only birthday guy around here XD Happy Birthday to you as well :D 

    1. Daniellus


      Thanks :) Happy Birthday to You also!

    2. (TWGG) Owner Michael
  14. Happy birthday mate, hope ya have a good day ^_^