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  1. after a long night of sleep I decided not to quit ETS2MP, my frustration comes partly through myself, I am overwhelmed by school, work and family obligations, and then after a long day I decide to play a multiplayer game ... compare it to a cup that is full, only one drop needs to be added and the cup is flooded. I have also read that many people indeed use OBS to record their game and then later report people. I'm going to look into that more to see the possibilities for that. thanks for the many comments. -Energeticshadow
  2. first of all: i dont want to hate on truckersMP, i appreciate the effort and time they make to this an amazing expierence. after playing ETS2MP from one of the versions i decided to quit MP for ETS, here are my reasons why: other players: on almost every server you will find trolls, even on the no-collision server people will try to find ways to annoy you, i know you can report them, but more about that in point 2. "no action was taken against player .....": i've played ETS2MP daily and i reported loads of people, but with 9 of 10 reports i see: "no action was taken against player ....." and even when i report them on the site with evidence, i will just see them ramming and blocking the next day. de-sync and server issues: even if i keep 75M distance the person in front of me lags or i get de-synced. i can go on for hours with at least 3 more reasons, i wonder does anyone else have things that annoy them on TruckersMP? -Energeticshadow
  3. hallo lezers van deze topic, het is vandaag dinsdag 28 oktober 2016. ik vroeg mij af of er nog actieve nederlandse VTC bedrijven waren, en of die ook mensen van 13 toelaten. ik heb momenteel 279 uur in euro truck sim 2, en 68 uur in american truck. als bewijs heb ik hier de link naar mijn account: http://steamcommunity.com/id/martijnx7/games/?tab=all ik hoop dat er nog actieve VTC's zijn.
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