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  1. Whats happened to the map?  

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. mattfleaydaly


      I haven't checked but it could be experiencing a temporary outage maybe 

    3. bluesbass


      Devs are aware of the ets2map.com's issue. They will fix it as soon as possible.:)

    4. DJTom


      Okay thank you Bluesbas

  2. Aww thats good as there was no notice saying it was down so wondered what happened. Yeah I have been using the map and its very good
  3. That channel seems to be down at the moment
  4. The update page isnt working propery it keeps saying sever timed out...
  5. I have a couple of questions about the cars. 1 - What can they be used for those who arent admin. 2 - Can we play with them on singleplayer? Thanks Tom
  6. Sorry. But i have the same problem too. Not sure what to do.
  7. I had a problem getting on to #EU1 early it was saying internet connection but its normally fine and I had to update the game again as it was saying there was another update due but I had already got the latest winter mod etc update unless there is a new one out yesterday/today. Tom
  8. Hi. The above problem (Unsupported Game Detected) keeps coming up when I try to go on the game and play it. Any idea why and how can I sort it out? Here is a screen shot. Thanks Tom
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