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  1. smitty436


    acceleration is different to the top end speed though isnt it,as i said top speed...open road on MP all have lost the top speeds to what they had before from what ive seen by a good 10MPH drop
  2. smitty436


    i find the top speed has dropped,i like the look but if we in the real world put new tyres on the top speed go's up
  3. smitty436


    Has any body noticed the drop in speed from the new tyres download pack,i'm trying a few set ups to see the difference
  4. smitty436


    many thanks sorted now...new icon ...then deleted the other all working now
  5. smitty436


    ok,so ive never had a problem with any updates but today i was redirected as usual to this site for the updated version of MP but instead of downloading a file that normally says client this one says launcher-1001 and fails to open the MP ?
  6. ive just got one down at marseille but disappointed that you drop the trailer at the garage...like wtf....i actually expected a drop and return,plus it was LPG so look out for those as well
  7. many thanks ....for a start i thought it had glitched,i'm going to try and shorten the lenght of the distance for the jobs see if i can narrow things down that way and as said discover more stations...shame we cant do multi drops
  8. has anybody been able to get a job delivering fuel to the petrol stations yet,ive found the depots and the nuclear stations and must say been to the new look rest and truck stops and seen the area's where you can off load but not seen the jobs yet . do we have to discover more or upgrade more?
  9. its a beta,i try'd it and as said it dont work on MP,buggered up my save aswell
  10. Hi,so how many of you have downloaded this,what you get from what i've seen from getting it is the steering knob,company skins and steering wheel adjustments.also trailer changes when accepting a job.you all probably know this and im not trying to tell you how to suck eggs but for a beta ive seen no bugs as yet,just not try'd it yet in multiplayer.
  11. smitty436


    after i posted this i went to MP tuned into truckers fm and there was one oslo...but many thanks to all....there was actually a real truckfest up here in scotland this weekend too
  12. smitty436


    i dont know if this has already been done im new here but what if we arranged a truck meet and get the admins to judge the best skins,paint jobs look styles etc ?
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