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  2. I had a similar problem to this. After being absent from TMP for a few months due to this problem, everytime I tried to cancel my delivery or use the ferry it would completely freeze... Today I logged back on to try again, and after waiting around 5 minutes and a combination of ALT + TABing in and out, it finally worked and haven't had the problem since. Just be patient and it should fix itself.
  3. EU2 server was restarted today, I am now unbanned from the server. Resolved.
  4. I was accidentally banned from EU2 by Aragon last night with a misspelled ID. My appeal was accepted at around 23:30pm last night and me and Aragon sorted things out, yet I'm still banned off EU2. I was able to connect to EU1 and EU3, however EU2 is refusing me. [Latest attempt: 16:25pm] I've tried a support ticket, however no luck with that. I want an admin to reply to this please. Solutions I've tried: - Un-privatizing my steam profile [Didn't work] - Signing in and out of my truckers MP profile [Didn't work] http://imgur.com/a/Ye9ao