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  1. Would You Rather

    TruckersFM or TruckSim Radio
  2. I had a similar problem to this. After being absent from TMP for a few months due to this problem, everytime I tried to cancel my delivery or use the ferry it would completely freeze... Today I logged back on to try again, and after waiting around 5 minutes and a combination of ALT + TABing in and out, it finally worked and haven't had the problem since. Just be patient and it should fix itself.
  3. Still Banned off EU2

    EU2 server was restarted today, I am now unbanned from the server. Resolved.
  4. Still Banned off EU2

    I was accidentally banned from EU2 by Aragon last night with a misspelled ID. My appeal was accepted at around 23:30pm last night and me and Aragon sorted things out, yet I'm still banned off EU2. I was able to connect to EU1 and EU3, however EU2 is refusing me. [Latest attempt: 16:25pm] I've tried a support ticket, however no luck with that. I want an admin to reply to this please. Solutions I've tried: - Un-privatizing my steam profile [Didn't work] - Signing in and out of my truckers MP profile [Didn't work] http://imgur.com/a/Ye9ao