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  1. This is a very interesting, but easy to follow, rank structure for TruckersMP & it's nice to know about what position does what.
  2. Back when I tried to use a controller, the controller unplugged when I was going around a corner, ended up slightly flipping and hitting the barrier and going head first into someone else. Unless there's something stupider I've done.
  3. I use keyboard steering and I just use both the real mirrors and none of the overlay.
  4. This will be useful for those who just skip parking a lot
  5. Either TruckersFM, local London radio stations or Spotify usually.
  6. Yes, it's incredible to drive either on the alps or through specific parts of Scandinavia.
  7. That truck is ridiculous good, no idea how it'd be implemented into Euro Truck Simulator though.
  8. These are some quite interesting updates
  9. This could be useful for more than just TruckersMP, will check it out
  10. In multiplayer, C-D definitely due to the amount of troll-drivers who drive down it. however with the DLCs; definitely the roads in Italy.
  11. I either use GeForce Experience, OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS. I just find them easy and you're not paying anything for them; ahem Fraps.
  12. I enjoy the little country roads near the top of the United Kingdom, they're always lovely to drive on.
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