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  1. Angelwingking

    I feel sorry too!

    Suggestion Name: Proposal for Single Server. Suggestion Description: I think I have not read so many posts about a single topic in the last 3 years as I did it over Truckers MP in the last 2 days. I start to feel sorry for those people who once decided to make the "Euro Truck Simulator" 2 capable as an multiplay. Very nice touch, no doubt about, but unfortunately it wasn't really accepted by the users as the founding fathers of Truckers MP had imagined as well and first at all, the forefathers of SCS-ETS2 & ATS want nothing to do with it. Why do we have this situation now? Because the multyplay was made like an MMORPG ( Massively Multiplayer Online Games ) as we know it from WOW for example. So the ETS2 multiplay was accepted in the same way as an WOW-Game; Everyone against everyone, possibly a few allies, none of whom was forced by basic elements of the game to comply with law and order – because the AI-traffic was anyway turned off. Those who wanted to have experience and like to share their experiences with others, saw them as "enemy" and player who just enjoyed semself by harming others, and for the chaotic, the "normal" players are only potential "victims" Every form of disciplinary punishment and control leads to even more opposition and resistance. ETS2 is a simulation with a huge urge for normality and realism is very important and taken seriously. A great work with a growing popularity and is constantly evolving. Would you like to make this simulator playable as multiplay, it would have to be a form of multiplay, which offers individual server locations, where small, closed player-groups can "meet each other" in his favor game. Possibly then with MOD, which will be discussed in advance. Here you could have any kind of groups. Virtual carrier's, free circles of friends or just those who have hellish fun ramming and "warring" each other. Think about it. I wish you good Luck! Any example images: No images. Why should it be added?: Only as an idea.
  2. Angelwingking

    No MP after install Add-On

    Thank you very much. Yes, it works, it takes very long - and we don't know why, but it works. Have a nice day, Angela
  3. Angelwingking

    No MP after install Add-On

    A good friend of mine could not start MP after he install the Scandinavia Add-On. He had no problems by playing in single play. He installed everything correctly via steam. I can't find a problem. Please help. And one more question: Ingame I can see a different number of version as i can see in the MP-Download-Options: Why? Good day, good drive, Angela