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  1. Hey there, TMP. I'm looking for some raw footage of some cinematics and stuff in game of ATS or ETS2.. to use within my Video Editing Demo. All credits will be given where due. Could anyone provide me with some raw footage? If you don't mind me editing the footage let me know! Thanks.
  2. ==================================== What about the position of a trailer? Idealy I'd want the truck and trailer to be somewhere in the world, not at the garage.
  3. Hey there TMP! This has nothing to do with multiplayer, but what i want to achieve is this: In the above picture, I would like to keep the exact position of the trailer & cab. However I would like to change the manufacturer of the cab. Which would look as follows: How can I achieve this, once again keeping the trailer and the cab in the exact same position in the world? Many Thanks. G. Brady.
  4. My game has updated and no longer supports ETS2mp is their an ETS2 update on the way?
  5. Why does game crash when entering rotterdam on ETS2 EU#2

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    2. Zelcrum


      Then don't enter Rotterdam :)

    3. [VIVA] G. Brady

      [VIVA] G. Brady

      its not just in rotterdam... its other places too like duisberg


    4. ItzJChan


      That crash log is basically the same as mines https://pastebin.com/evJpJrJF Constantly crashing every 5 minutes while at C-D

      Everyone is having this issue. 

  6. How do i improve my rank? i know more than "what is a truck?"

    1. Yoyo_ManSg


      To improve your rank, you must post "of informations useful = comments" in topics and the more active you are, the more your rank will change.

      Moreover, if you put things interesting, you help people, you will get reputation points. ;) 

    2. heyhococo


      It goes up with how many posts you have, and after 500 posts you can change it to what ever you like (Like mine ;))

  7. Bored as hell without TMP

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    2. [VIVA] G. Brady
    3. JayStocky


      This is so irritating, I wish SCS would buy TMP or something, imagine that!

      Guys this is crazy O.O 

      Europe #2 ETS2


    4. [VIVA] G. Brady

      [VIVA] G. Brady

      Never seeen it that low before?

  8. that was quick ....

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    2. [VIVA] G. Brady

      [VIVA] G. Brady

      is that bug to do with my side or the mods side??

    3. Valeant


      It's hard to say.

    4. [VIVA] G. Brady
  9. Hey to my surpise waiting did eventually work GG
  10. Dust wont affect the game, trust me I'm a guy who builds computer's. ill leave it for a while and see if it launches or not.
  11. in fact no it is not as it doesn't crash IN GAME
  12. Hi when i try to launch ATS it instantly crashes. it also does this for ETS2 Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/btnfcb Last_Crash log: http://pastebin.com/KCGGMKWw
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