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  1. Italia DLC Giveaway

    Good luck everyone!!
  2. Hello Truckers

    Welcomee!! Drive safe bro <3 Hahaha true!
  3. Funny & WTF Moments xD 


  4. g_brake_intensity 15 in console for a better brake ^^
    Drive safe

  5. Screenshots!

  6. Trailer to Truck Color

    If you want to get your truck color, go to game.sii and search base_color until you see your truck name like in photo. I hope i helped you
  7. Trailer to Truck Color

    The colored trailers works on multiplayer
  8. Double Trailer Kick While Still In Scandinavia

    You cannot go outside Scandinavia with double trailer after you.
  9. Most Beautiful Roads

    In my opinion: Europe - the national roads nearby Milano (In N and W of milano, there are two) DLC Vive la France - national roads DLC Scandinatia - Bergen-Oslo(2 roads) or Bergen-Stavanger
  10. Version Released

    Winter mod <3 Thank you!