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  1. Hello guys, does anyone know what is this, and how to turn it off?


    1. Ewok_HD


      hit shift and the button next to one.

    2. Stuart  (GB)

      Stuart (GB)

      the only thing i have seen in that area of game is command console
      Try pressing the button left of number 1

    3. Scar985


      idk what its all about, but I relaunched the game, and it disappeared, it might it off been some sort of error, Problem solved! , Thanks for the:) response.

  2. My TMP Launcher is Keep showing updates , even tho i updated it . but the updates keep showing up . Please help someone ? :(

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    2. v8Smokin


      @Scar985 Yes, you need to be be on v1.28 Public Beta.

    3. Scar985


      @Pshyrex ok, im giving it a try right now.

    4. Scar985


      @Pshyrex  still showing the same thing, even tho i done all of the above and made sure that Windows Defender is not blocking it! and reinstalled it :( 

  3. i guess they gonna order us Italian Pizza , i'm so Exited for what's Coming.
  4. Hello Dear Truckers,


    you don't like the way that your Truck Lights look like ? No Problem , Today i have for you a Light Mode trick in ETS2 MP , all you have to do is to press "J" (your high beam light) and then press "Y" to open the chat and then close it. and if you press after that "L" you can adjust your lighting mode the way you like :D , you can see the images Examples Below:




    Hope you Like it :D



  5. Hello! have you tried to Press F1 when you open the TMP Launcher to reinstall all Files ?


  7. Congraduations ! Keep up the Good Work
  8. Good After-noon Ladies and Gentlemen :)

    1. Da n R O

      Da n R O

      Good After-noon Gentelmen and Ladies :D


    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    3. Da n R O
  9. Hello TMP,


    Just was wondering if i can have a Explanation about this odd issue ?!




    1. Mirko9


      Open launcher press F1 and install all things again.

    2. Scar985


      ill give it a try

    3. Scar985


      Thanks it worked! @Mirko9

  10. Hello TMP :)


    Just was wondering if its only me who gets the Queue in Euro Truck Simulator 2 on all servers!, if its only me it would be great to hear a solution!

    1. Guest


      You might want to reset your internet connection

    2. Prototype


      You should get like 8 queue and in less than a min you should be in.


    3. Guest


      well if I get the notification that I am in then all will be good. I can start helping people. wish me luck

  11. Hello TMP,


    I Would like to Contact one of the Developers of TMP if its possible, its about something might be only happening to me, but its related to MP, its kinda a serious thing that maybe the Developers might take a look at , if its possible it would be great to Contact me as soon as possible.




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    2. Scar985
    3. Trucking Australia

      Trucking Australia

      If it is regarding a bug within TMP, please make a post about it in the bugs section on the forums. 

    4. Scar985
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