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  1. Happy Birthday!:love:

  2. dylboiii

    Not Working!?

    I fixed it. Its something in my ets2 documents. I just deleted my 'euro truck simulator 2' folder out of documents and now its working
  3. dylboiii

    Not Working!?

    I created 2 tickets but the 1st one i never got a reply and the 2nd one said the same as you and try helping but i had no reply since. but its still open.
  4. dylboiii

    Not Working!?

    It works fine on single player. ATS works fine on mp and ets2 mp always used to work fine, i never had problems but now its not working at all. ill try reinstalling my full game now.
  5. dylboiii

    Not Working!?

    Didn't work
  6. dylboiii

    Not Working!?

    Mod Version: Alpha | Launcher Used: Keyboard & MouseDescription of Issue: When i load my game up its either going weird, just weird or nothing happens at all.How to reproduce: I don't know.Screenshots / Videos: none. --------------------------------------------------- Link: http://pastebin.com/HEASz327 --------------------------------------------------- When i start my game either just black,loads up but really weirdly or nothing happens. When it does load up though it take me straight to the profiles without taking me to where i log in and pick a server. My mouse would be froze however hard i try to move it?...
  7. dylboiii

    Version Released

    someone plzzz helpp... i contacted support but they take ages to reply.
  8. dylboiii

    Version Released

    When i load into the game it takes me strait to the menu and the mouse is froze!? All of my Profiles are there but the background is black!
  9. dylboiii

    Wintermod has arrived!

    ETS2 not working for me.