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  1. Have SCS given up on these, tandems would be better than nothing....http://blog.scssoft.com/2014/09/the-first-news-about-design.html


    This is what i have offline & what i wanted to see 4505d66db7c52e5cf7d4fefa5fa9af29.jpg

    1. Junnky


      SCS canned that idea. Thats the answer from Squirrel

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  2. -1 rep, His truck is to loud

  3. Today on C-D i had some fails ,but was good.Tested renault magnum with 750ks(551kw) with modded trailer by @Killua (DavidOC93) .I was overtaking near petrol and i see (i think) Kacak.I scared so much. :D http://prnt.sc/drift1

  4. Have to deliver 10 gifts, but I haven't found single gift trailer yet. :mellow:

    1. Junnky


      answer is: Gifts Jobs are generated randomly and must be delivered into 10 different cities, so delivering them into same city will not be counted more than once. If you don't see any, then come check it again later.

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  5. Hvala na follow,

    1. Junnky


      nije na cemu

  6. Duisburg is the new Rotterdam :lol:

  7. Duisburg is the new Rotterdam :lol:

  8. Railway Crossings ingame can be a death trap especially when you use a wheel that has force-feedback

    and your force-feedback settings ingame is activated.

    For the first time I crossed one around Pecs on top speed and this is what happens:



    1. Junnky


      there is not problem if u play with wheel but your speed. thats happened to me long time a go. railway crossings with full speed not good. rip your truck

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