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  1. Cast your vote for the /fix command

    How is the /fix thing working when there will be a server side economic (tho it may be far in future)?
  2. Perfect place for convoys in Mannheim

    This was a Truckfest of the Euro Truck Radio
  3. In the video from the polish youtuber where a swap body trailer is shown you can see the file name of the trailer. its: dlc_rigids\vehicle\swap_body\ridges_trailer_dlc_rigids so the swap body trailer thing might be a DLC, divulge doesn´t mean it will come next week into the game
  4. A polish youtuber has accidently shown a truck that is W.I.P

    I can´t tell if it´s the Euro 6 or the old Euro 5, they look nealy the same, in the video the details aren´t shown. But at min 32:30 you can see a swap body trailer.
  5. TR| tuncer karata? - ramming

    1. Server: EU#1 2. Date: 27.06.15 3. Time: ~14:30 4. Place: between Malmö and Helsingborg 5. Perpetrator: TR| tuncer karata?|(73) 6. Steam URL/SteamID64/ETS2MPID: ETS2MPId:282238 7. Description: he flashed his lights several times and while he was overtaking me he rammed me intentionally 8. Video/Picture:
  6. Tandem Trucks

    We can expect them if SCS made them.
  7. J-Spec Trucks: The New Cool Trend

    This is my new Truck
  8. 1. Server: EU#1 2. Date: 4.06.15 3. Time: ~21:08 4. Place: Tollgate Öresundbridge 5. Perpetrator: Anssyy.OT [Fin](2016) - ETS2MPId:97529 ArtTyyS.OT(426) - ETS2MPId:147190 7. Description: both hit me while overtaking, i was driving at slow speed 8. Video/Picture:
  9. 1. Server: EU#1 2. Date: 4.06.15 3. Time: ~20:22 4. Place: Denmark E45 North 5. Perpetrator: Ingo(929) - ETS2MPId:91700 Christian(776) - ETS2MPId:243120 7. Description: while driving on the Hightway one of them tried to overtake me through the parking lots and he hit me, the other one overtook me and braked hard. They followed me and tried to hit me both again. i could barely avoid a crash. Before they could make this again i had a lag, after that Ingo drove infront of me and suddenly stopped. This time i had no chance. 8. Video/Picture:
  10. J-Spec Trucks: The New Cool Trend

    I doubt that mine fits the rules of being a J-Spec
  11. Timo - reckless driving

    1. Server:EU#1 2. Date:25.04.15 3. Time:~21:53 4. Place:A30 Border Germany and Netherland 5. Perpetrator: Timo 6. Steam URL or Steamid64:76561198039765907 7. Description: He drove in circels without watching for traffic, i had to brake to avoid a crash 8. Video/Picture:
  12. aligolge999 - ramming

    1. Server: EU#1 2. Date:25.04.15 3. Time:~17:30 4. Place:Rotterdam Europoort 5. Perpetrator: aligolge999 6. Steam URL or Steamid64: 76561198138487219 7. Description: he intantionally rammed me 8. Video/Picture:
  13. 1. Server: EU#1 2. Date: 25.04.15 3. Time: ~17:16 4. Place: Osnabrück -> Amsterdam 5. Perpetrator: GP?GM?MIOJOPLAY?BR?0019 6. Steam URL or Steamid64: 76561198180265430 7. Description: see in the video 8. Video/Picture:
  14. dominic - cutting

    1. Server: EU#1 2. Date: 3.04.15 3. Time: ~22:13 4. Place: Newcastle 5. Perpetrator: dominic 6. Steam URL or Steamid64: 76561198086552488 7. Description: he cut me off while he overtook me 8. Video/Picture:
  15. 1. Server: EU#1 2. Date: 3.04.15 3. Time: ~21:54 4. Place: M1 Sheffield -> North 5. Perpetrator: [b-LOG] DjWeety aka Mike (BE) 6. Steam URL or Steamid64: 76561198031341001 7. Description: he pushed me into the guardrail 8. Video/Picture: