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  1. The switches and ignition act as a button input, as if you hold a normal button
  2. I build one myself. As board i use this one. It basicliy is plug and play. PC recognises as an seperate controller. Comments on Amazon say, multiple boards will work simultaneously but i havent tested it yet. You need an adittional sottware if you use switches like an ignition key or parking brake, which stay in "on" position, because you need an input when pressing and releasing that button/swich. For that i use AutoHotKey and i wrote my "own" script. Also i use the board from an old Steeringwheel but that is a lot of work and soldering
  3. How is the /fix thing working when there will be a server side economic (tho it may be far in future)?
  4. Cruz3r

    Tandem Trucks

    We can expect them if SCS made them.
  5. I doubt that mine fits the rules of being a J-Spec
  6. Cruz3r


    In Finnland und Schweden sind max. 25,25m erlaubt.
  7. Cruz3r


    Eine Änderung der Physik wäre nicht so gut wenn es auch ohne Wintermod funktioniert. Gleiches Recht für alle, entweder alle rutschen oder niemand.
  8. If you have a Nvidia card, try Shadowplay. Its recording all the time and saves up to the last 20 minutes.
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