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  1. Put a time limit on it, like once every irl half an hour you can use it. Than it cannot be abused by trolls so much.
  2. I do not think the /fix command is to fix your truck directly after a little damage. It is more when you arrive at the destination to fix the truck, if it was hammered by trolls. (Unless your truck has gotten a lot of damage). At least that should be the case in my opinion. Getting rammed every 2-3 minutes? I never experienced it. And I have been playing on EU2 when it was busy near A'Dam and Brussel. I once had a troll who wanted to mess with me, I just put the truck on the right side of the road, put my emergency lights on and just waited. After a few minutes the troll had enough of me not doing anything and went on finding a other target. Trolls are just like bullies, they love the reaction they get of trolling people. Do not pay attention to the trolls, do not shout at them in-game (shout at your screen if you want to). Do not even tell them Rec and rep or such things. Act like they do not exist. When trolls do not get any reaction anymore from ramming people, than it is just flying trucks and that gets bored easily.
  3. Great to add the fix command to the console to repair the truck. Meets halfway between this game being a simulation and people who want to use the no damage mod. But can thay command be time limited? Like you can use it only once every 15 or 30 minutes? So people cannot just drive like morons all the time and still get their load 100% delivered
  4. Unfortunately this is the reality we live in, there will always be a security leak in software / hardware, that hackers are going to exploit. It is like living in a house with a lot of valuables, thief's always try to find a way in. As userdata is really valuable, hackers will always try to find a way to get the userdata to sell. Nothing that administrators and software writers can do, but to patch the holes in the software, and waiting for a other hole to patch.
  5. Thank you for your reply, cannot hurt to ask right Good to know that my reports will be handled within a few days. I was afraid the backlog during the holiday season was like 20 days or something. And then when I ran out of reports, I also would have a backlog lol
  6. Dear admins, Due to the holidays, you are all quite busy with family and friends. So it is understandable, that you guys are not really up to checking web reports. However I got a slight issue, I am running out of web-reports. As these days the trolls also have found the holiday spirit, and tend to troll with each other. So for 1 incident I had to file 3 reports, so the trolls can be confined back to their caves. And that is really hammering into my max reports. Now I have to report 2 rammers, after that I only will have 3 reports. And I am afraid that with those 3 reports, I will not make it till my first report since I restarted with ETS2MP, has been taken care off. Ow and before anybody asks. I only web-report rammers, trolls and cheaters. If someone does not hit me on purpose, I do not report them (or they really need to be trolling and hitting multiple people on purpose). So if a admin would be so kind to grant me 10 more reports, so I can continue reporting. As you guys catch up to the reports. That would be great Cheers and happy new year
  7. From Windows 7, Microsoft has enabled that the disk defragments weekly. Because with Windows XP if you defragmented your disk once per month, it took a very long time. Unless the owner of the computer, has disabled auto defragmentation. It is probably not necessary to manual defragment the disk anymore. However if someone does a lot of changes to the disk daily. Then it might be a idea to change windows to defragment daily, as that only takes a few minutes. Indeed, if you hear a loud tick now and then, it could be the harddrive is no longer reliable.
  8. When I drive on the C-D road, I wouldn't even bother filing web reports, because there are too many people that drive like maniacs. Admins know that and often go with the free cam do the C-D road, banhammering everyone breaking the rules. I drove the C-D road yesterday, but on Europe 3 there is just too little traffic haha. Tthe admins will look into the reports, even though it can take up to 2 months. Justice will be serviced with a hammer If you are a bit sick of reporting so much, around 19.00 all servers are getting pretty full, so if you go to Europe 1 or 3, less trolls and more driving.
  9. If you have 20 reports in a few hours, you are either driving on the C-D road, or freecamming and reporting every little thing. Or just driving and report every little thing. It cannot be that you get rammed 20 times with a few hours of playing. I only web-report serious issues, like rammers and trollers. All other things I encounter on the road, I do not website report. Like not using a indicator, driving on the wrong side of the road, someone who is standing still on one lane, or if someone cut me off, excessive speeding etc It has no use. Also there are keyboard warriors that drive very fast and have a not so good control over their vehicle. Are you going to stick left on the right lane if they want to pass you, risking that they accidentally ram you, or do you move half on the emergency lane, so they can pass you better? (Yes they should not speed that hard if they are on a keyboard, but with that discussion you cannot go anywhere with, because we all agree on that). I seen a lot of youtube movies, where the rammed driver could have avoided a collision if they just were a bit more patient. So what that one impatient person with a truck tries to cut you off when trying to go on the Motorway, he is going to crash eventually and needs to go to the service station and do it all again. Do you want to go with him, just so he cannot pass you, because he should have waited? Or do you just avoid a collision, so you can move on without damage? So with other words, are you trying to prevent collisions from incapable drivers? So you do not have to report so much. Because reporting every incapable driver, is like mopping whilst the tap is still open.
  10. Sometimes it happens that the trailer is spawned a little bit too close to the wall. When that happens the trailer gets damage even before you pick it up. Happened to me today when I tried to get a locomotive at ITCC in Luxembourg. It was flying everywhere >< Probably nothing that TruckersMP can do about. WoT jobs can be cancelled without financial penalty. So you can always get a new one
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