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  1. Xbox one controller. Automatic shifting, engine and retarder. Steering wheels that are suited for ETS2/ATS, (900 degrees turning ability) are too expensive for me.
  2. I got anything what I have on my computer on dark mode. But it doesn't mean anytime I login on TMP, it needs to be dark ><

  3. Would be cool if they do events similar to the Genoa bridge event. But then also when the event is over and successful, that they update that object to a completed state.
  4. I'm playing with a controller, so I don't have the luxury of having a lot of buttons available for me. Because of that, I've all the brakes. I put on automatic retarder and automatic engine brake. Works well with cruise control and going down hill. But when driving without a trailer or empty trailer, I need to be careful because if I brake too hard, my truck starts to slip.
  5. Real ops was amazing. Saw some fire engines, police chases, a road full with fallen trees, a closed highway section, filled with construction vehicles. Also saw one of the event staff driving a bobcat XD Stood in a trafficjam for half a hour. Luckily I was voice chatting with others from my VTC, so it wasn't too bad. But hey, this is real ops. I would've been disappointed if there wasn't a huge traffic jam. Staff did a amazing job informing people about the traffic jam, and told people not to go on that road. Same as in real life. I had fun thanks for organising a great event
  6. No more reloads, no more getting kicked for unreliable connection, while loading in a job. This job dispatcher is so good. Really great job!
  7. I am glad the 150km/h speedlimit has been dropped to 110km/h. And that you only can go Arcade if you want to speed. If the servers were as busy as a few months ago, with 150km/h speedlimit, on the normal servers. I think admins would go nuts about the additional amount of idiots, who think driving 150km/h on the C-D road is fine >< But I think if the servers were still on 150km/h, I think TMP never had over 10,000 logged in users at one time. Because a lot of people would've quit because of the chaos.
  8. Depending on the mood I am in. Mostly I listen to discover trance radio If they have bad music, I listen to rock music from the 70's to 90's (own playlist). If I am upset or overwhelmed, I listen to heavy death metal. (It is so much fun on arcade racing with the truck with 1t of cargo and having heavy death metal on XD).
  9. I bought the game in July 2016, after seeing several Twitch streamers driving in traffic. Also downloaded TMP in the same month to try it out. Did not play it constantly, left it on the shelf for a few years. About a year ago I came back. And also joined a VTC, and it is much more fun to drive for a VTC. Also promods is a lot of fun.
  10. I mostly transported medical vaccines, because it is light and makes a lot of money. But now I am trying to discover all cities in ProMods. So I made a list with all the cities I need to visit, put them in alphabetic order. And drive from one location to another. Mostly taking random cargo, whatever Trucky suggested, and also keeping in mind, what kind of company I went from and go to. Sometimes I also like to drive 2 lane mountain roads, then I mostly take a low loader with a dozer, because it takes skill to not get stuck XD
  11. Not really. But my max speed is 97km/h due to trucksbook. But mostly I drive with the speedlimiter on, because that is easier when accelerating. I'm not slowing down for every little village, that has nobody driving through it. I keep a good look at the mini map, if there are players around. And I mostly drive in promods.
  12. Would either buy or build a 1 floor house with at least 4 bedrooms and a garage. Climate control and also completely eco friendly. Buy a new motorcycle and a electric car. But also a old car or motorcycle to fix as a hobby. After I build a extreme gaming rig, I would donate my current gaming pc to a friend of mine. Maybe going on a vacation flying 1st class.
  13. 6 speed for the 4x2 trucks. 12 speed for the 6x4 trucks. And 12+2 speed for the 8x4 trucks. I use full automatic, because my Xbox controller has all its buttons assigned >< Currently I'm visiting all the cities by alphabetic order in promods. So then I mostly drive a 6x4, so I can take any load I like. But during convoys, I mostly use a 4x2 truck. The reaction time of a 6 speed is instant, while with a 12 speed it takes a sec to shift.
  14. Programmed traffic would be fun on multiplayer, but I really hope they make 1 sim server with programmed traffic and one without. I hate the programmed traffic. The reason I don't say AI traffic, is because AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. Intelligence means you can learn from mistakes and make adjustments. The traffic is very dumb and also doesn't learn. I played with traffic a bit on ATS, but I ended up ramming them off the road, if they were in my way. Those American trucks don't have a big bull bar for nothing XD
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