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  1. Hes tried that, i even went on and tried it on his team viewer and i got the same result
  2. [BGVTC]Matt

    From 60 fps to 30 why?

    This could be because your in a highly populated area. Like your picture shows you in rotterdam. Rotterdam and europort are highly populated area which can cause your fps to drop and your game to lag. This is normal behaviour for this area and has nothing to do with your PC and as for the grey box can you expand on that?
  3. [BGVTC]Matt

    Going speed limit but looks like im going less than i am

    That i understand but when im doing 55 my game shows me going 55 but the game looks like its going slower
  4. [BGVTC]Matt

    Going speed limit but looks like im going less than i am

    My speed limiter is off. i only on eu2 and eu1 and world of trucks has never affected it before
  5. For some reason when im driving on multiplayer im going slow when im doing speed limit on a motorway. I know this isnt my internet. Is it because ive got mods installed on my base game or is it something to do with the servers. Please help
  6. [BGVTC]Matt

    Help Launching ETS2MP

    Run the Ets2 mp launcher as administrator on your computer
  7. [BGVTC]Matt

    Cant run ets2mp anymore after new update

    Try Running the Multiplayer Launcher in Administrator Mode on your computer