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  1. @ZM_Pozitiv if they dont show up right away try sleeping
  2. ATS gets the cold shoulder AGAIN!!!
  3. Game: American Truck Simulator Mod Version: Controllers Used: Not Applicable Description of Issue: The paint was form the christmas DLC for WoT and kicks you for unsupported "mods" The trailer were added aswell but never supported all others see is a white reefer trailer that glitches like crazy... How to reproduce: Well does this need an explination? paint your truck with the crystal dream paint TMP boots you.... pick up a food tanker or mobile barrier you see both on your end the other users see a glitchy white reefer trailer.. Screenshots / Videos:
  4. \/\/r3cl<3r

    ATS MP

    because SCS has no new updates for it... it's becoming stale
  5. Who do we thank for breaking the 4x2 chassis mod in ATS?

  6. I don't understand how somebody going on their 4th ban only gets 1 day for driving the wrong way... and yet I get 7  days for sitting in the game with big tires... 

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    2. \/\/r3cl<3r


      Excessive mods get you 7 days   good god...  how much does insulting, ramming, blocking, trolling, and speed hacking get you?  I shutter to think

    3. gwait


      Based on the "in-game rules" thread, the first three bans are issued at administrator's discretion. These might be different depending on the admin.

    4. Sentinel.


      It's admin discretion, the admin will decide how long the ban should be but you can send an e-mail to [email protected] if you think the ban is too long.

  7. I have a few custom trucks that I've made but a few of my hybrid trucks include (pics will follow when I get home) the Man Merc (Man 4x2 Chassis, Old Actros Cab) the Merc MAN (Old merc 6x4, with the MAN Cab) An Manveco (Man 4x2 Chassis, Iveco Hiway Cab) A Volcedes (New Merc 4x2 chassis, fh16 Cab) I still will make custom trucks for drivers but with all the paint changes it breaks alot of my truck mods... of course nothing I can't fix but it's tedious... I use 2 profiles and just paint the truck how I want then copy & paste the paint config from one save to another...
  8. I take it you never tried the old Mercedes Actros with the 6x4 chassis... of course some may frown on it's 600L fuel tanks (regardless of configuration) not to mention it's 598hp but it's actually not a bad truck... As for me I drive 2 truck mainly Daily Driver The "Original" Mercedes Actros 6x4 750Hp Volvo & New Actros Transmission Convoy Driver The "Original" Daf XF Non E6 4x2 750hp Volvo & New Actros Transmission I would drive the actros all the time but I don't wanna be that guy in the convoy that needs to hit every gas station
  9. \/\/r3cl<3r

    Hybrid Trucks

    Bumping/Pushing is where you reply to a post for the sole purpose of getting it back to the top of the posts again. Now onto your original post... it has alot of holes... Now do you want Sleeper, Globetrotter, or GlobetrotterXL 4x2, 6x2, 6x2/4, 6x2 TAG, 6x2 MID, or 6x4 Also your interior...do you want standard UK or Exclusivwe UK? all of these are things a hybrid maker will have to know.
  10. anybody know how to change the paint color? manually through notepad?
  11. Fun are they Mercedes sideskirts?
  12. \/\/r3cl<3r

    Post your car

    Unfortunately the FAA won't approve my flight hours in FSX on the plane so until then i stay on the ground... 1996 Chevy Suburban 5.7L Vortec V8 167,xxx Miles Only asked me for and oil changes, fuel pumps, and FUEL!!!!! but she starts with no hesitation and gets around 20mpg highway.. in the city im lucky if i get 1 block per gallon
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