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Community Answers

  1. Thanks very helpful information @forerunner
  2. Good luck and wish the best to those who join the event team.
  3. Nice tutorial, This has helped my friends get started with MP
  4. looking great as always~ Clean and tidy keep up the good job
  5. I don't find this a good move because America players that play ATS EU server already suffer 100+ ms and at times it can spike up causing the player to have major lag causing their truck to appear as being stopped when actually they are still moving this has happened to me and a buddy and nearly caused an accident. I feel the servers should remain as is.
  6. @RHG // SgtBreadStick I agree with you 100% if TMP has gotten no conformation regarding this matter, I look forward in seeing the mentioned servers to remain down for quite some time or even for good because any real provider would have fixed the issue or have patched it right away. I honestly don't see this happening IMO. because they would have taken that step but haven't. people are starting to move on to other games because of the down time and not being able to play due to high pings that causes to automatically being kicked.
  7. Good luck everyone wish you all the best of luck
  8. @Kat_pw thank you for everything you guys do rolling out these updates greatly appreciated.
  9. Nice guide , Editing is always nice but takes patients to do
  10. @marco6158 this is an AWESOME guide, a buddy of mine just bought and started playing ATS and I am going to direct him to this guild to help him understand what to do when he needs to report someone, because he had another player that decided to drive recklessly by coming bearing out in front of him not giving him a chance to slow down and smacked into the player because the driver was driving the wrong direction by driving up a ramp that is meant for getting on to the FREEWAY when they should have been on the other side where you take the ramp to get off the FREEWAY, Thanks again.
  11. ^ No one said they where a bad idea the whole problem with the admin's and TMP staff they don't seem to understand the concept instead they sit there and tell us what to do instead of listing to players. like @The Imaginative Lad did by telling me if I don't like the cars to move on to another server when I shouldn't have to or be forced to They are overpowered and uncontrollable and on top of that they are bugged allowing to used to haul loads ya TMP have rules for this but that's not the "POINT" If TMP are not going to worry about fixing them the SMART thing to do is remove or disable till the bug etc are fixed.
  12. I clearly understand that, But to solve all issues with these cars is for TMP to either make them for admin's only or get rid of them completely because they are a HUGE issue in ATS and ETS2 regardless of what the reason my be to keep them in game. Majority of TMP bans are against car drivers because rules can't be followed. I understand that it happens with trucks as well but its a bigger issue with the cars then it is with the trucks. Also with the cars just because a driver is pulling a heavy haul load players in cars bring it on themselves to assist but the odd ends are they ram your trailer when you slow down to make a turn rather your blinker was on or not. Come on its common sense that TMP needs to consider. I been doing the admin Field for 5+ years on other games to know whats best for the gaming community. Furthermore when a player is reported using the in game report the report was denied and no action was taken, isn't there a DEMO that allows you guys to go back and review even if the player logs or not? Also Not every single player that plays ats or ets has a good enough system to get recorded proof just saying.
  13. Allowing everyone to use the police skin on cars will not happen only in game admins have the right to use them and should remain that way. As xDrago said there would be others abusing them. there is already enough abuse with the cars as it is and honestly IMO cars should only be used by admins and verified trusted pilots ranks.
  14. Can we at least get a word from the Developers on the status of whats going on with ATS mp? We have been waiting long enough with no words about ATS mp what is being done about it. Us ATS players would much appreciate it if we were able to play MP with out being crashed.
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