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  1. Ok, when I restart the pc and launch the MP right away, the freezes are only half a second long (you can play with them) When I open chrome the freezes getting longer... It needs to be something RAM or Internet specific... Is there a reason why I cant edit my Posts?
  2. Hello, Mod Version: Controllers Used: Keyboard (Corsair Strafe RGB) & Mouse (Roccat Tyon) Description of Issue: I have massive Ingame Lags which can be broken down to Truckersmp, cause its not happening in single player or other games How to reproduce: Load the game, move the curser and u find urself in occasional freezes every few seconds / drive around and get a freeze screen every few seconds Screenshots / Videos: Video from TheBig / That its already in the login screen /// The bug ingame (from myself) What I tried to fix the issue myself: - Uninstall AMD GPU Drivers - Disable DVR - Update AMD-Drivers - Reinstall truckersmp including new config set (deleted C:\Users\$USER\Documents\ETS2MP) - Deletet the Regedit - Logitech Gaming Software Updated - Remove G430 just to cut out some USB Controller related issues. - Playing around with process monitor to see what happens during the lags. But the game just freezes and the system just does rather nothing than doing anything but thats subjective guess. - Checked GPU-Z, CPU-Z, CrystalDiskInfo, MSI Afterburner and nothing special was shown. - Started the game in DirectX Mode, OpenGL and Savemode - Started the launcher as a admin - Used low to ultra graphic settings (maybe I forgot something, I did everything mentioned in the other thread). My setup: - Intel 4790k (Intel) - Asus R9 290x DirectCUII - 16 GB Corsair Vengance 2133 - Seagate 2TB SSHD - Samsung 850Pro 128Gb (with windows) - Windows 10 Pro 64Bit Ver. 1709 Build 16299.309 (all updates included) In every other game (aswell in the singleplayer) there are no problems. Last time I played ETS MP (March 2017) I had no problems in over 100h in two weeks. Im not alone with this problem, so my guess is that its a problem with the actual TMP build. I hope that the problem can be fixed soon! Cheers, Niko.
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